Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Running Watch Died, And Now I'm Lost

I went for my run on Wednesday night and it rained and rained, and I got wet.  So did my Nike+ SportWatch.  I uploaded my run and everything was normal.

Thursday am - went for a bush walk and the watch was operating normally, but it did have moisture inside the screen which cannot be a good thing.

Thursday pm - went for a run and SportWatch was not showing my pace, but it did record the first 25 mins of my run before indicating low battery, even though I had tried recharging it.  After uploading, Nike+ reckons I had an average pace of --, burned 0 calories, and ran 0.0 km for 25 mins!

The screen went blank shortly after, and charging it overnight has done nothing.  I think it is dead :(

I rechecked the water resistance of the watch, which is 5 ATM, or 50m.  According to this site 30mWR should withstand getting caught in rain, and 50mWR should withstand swimming in shallow water:

I've never used my watch for anything other than running or bush walking, so I'm a bit disappointed it leaked the first time it was exposed to rain.  Maybe mine has a faulty seal or something.  I will probably try to return it as it is still under guarantee, but it is 8 months old and they might try and insist that I went scuba diving in it.

But you know what the worst thing is?  I'm totally lost when I'm running.  Nothing to do with GPS - I mean the distance, time and pace type of lost.  I know I checked my watch often to rein myself in at the beginning of my easy runs, but I didn't realise it was that often!  The biggest problem will be tempo runs and speedwork where I am useless at running consistently at a faster pace. And running my next race is going to be complete guesswork, how am I going to know if I start out too fast?  I like the security of numbers, and I really miss my watch!

Has your running watch ever failed on you?
Shall I just take my phone every time I run?  I did try that tonight, not a great experience.
Is this my cue to invest in a better model?


  1. Oh that bites! I am on my second running watch. My first one died with no warning the morning of a race last year! I was so sad!
    I tried my phone for a while too and it is not the same as a watch, but is something.

    1. Oh no, that is the worst timing! I consider myself lucky!

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2013

    That sucks! I'd definitely try to take it back since it was just rain.
    If they won't do anything, you should try out a running-specific Garmin. I've had good luck with all of mine!
    I've been trying to take my phone every run this year just for safety or if I get injured. It's annoying, but it's a good habit to get into!

  3. Oh no!I have only had one mishap with my Garmin. It was reading the pace wayyyyy off like running a 20:00 pace. I called customer service and they were great. If you are in the market for something new, I'd highly recommend a Garmin 405.


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