Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Peace Mile

My training plan had a 1 mile time trial scheduled for today.  Well yesterday actually, but I put it off because it was raining when I got home from work, and I thought I'd do it today because I had the day free.  (That was yesterday, as I'm now publishing a day later!)

I ran slow for the 2.5km along to the Domain, where there is a measured mile course - the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile:

When I read the sign, I thought how appropriate to be running this mile promoting world peace, the day after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Although world peace isn't going to be achieved with a simple mile run, indirectly it helps.  Running contributes to a healthy, balanced mind, and a healthy balanced mind does not plant bombs in public.  Maybe if everyone was a runner...

Anyway, I achieved peace with myself when I ran my fastest mile!  I did it in 7:45 mins, an improvement of 29 seconds from my last time trial in December.  My fastest kilometre is now 4:44, an improvement of 21 seconds.

This means I need to adjust my training paces and run a bit faster!  I'm glad I have the go-ahead to speed up as my old training paces were starting to feel easier.  And running faster should be more bearable now the summer humidity is gone and autumn is here:

Do you run time trials?
Do you train at certain paces?  (I'm using the McMillan Calculator for mine)
Do you have dirty running shoes too?!  (My R shoe was stained by a muddy orange puddle on the Tussock Traverse.  I overtook 3 girls running around it by taking a shortcut right through it, hehe!)


  1. Peace mile- what a perfect place to run. Great job on your timed mile!

  2. Peace mile is athe perfect place to remember Boston, maybe if the whole world were runners these kind of things wouldn't happen.
    Great job on your fastest ever mile!
    and yes all my running shoes seem to be so dirty right now, but I run on dirt/mud roads :)

  3. Peace Mile sounds like the perfect run :) Looks beautiful too.

  4. I need a peace mile! Been running too many anger miles since Monday. Maybe after last night, I can finally make that happen. Congrats on your time improvement too! That's a big improvement!

  5. A peace mile? Love that! Peace instead if anger And frustration.


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