Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My First Half

It's official - I have just entered my first half marathon!

Entries went on sale at midnight for the adidas Auckland Marathon, so the first thing I did this morning was log on and enter.  The half marathon is limited to 7500 and usually sells out within a few days, so I wasn't taking any chances!

I know it says on screen "Congratulations on entering the 2013 adidas Auckland Marathon", but I did double-check (as it was so early) and I have entered the half marathon as intended!

I'm quite excited!  My first thoughts are that I must take care of myself and not get injured.  I think that is the only thing that will get in my way.  So I promise I'm going to be more diligent about stretching and strengthening - i.e, start a regular routine rather than the haphazard way I have been doing it so far.

So I'm in!
Are you running in the event too?  What distance?
Do you remember the first time you ran a half marathon - how did it go?


  1. Congrats on signing up for your first! I do remember my first half...I started out WAY too fast and by mile 6 I was swearing them off forever. I got heat exhaustion and barely managed to hobble in. I of course signed up for my second one the next week. The weather was cooler and I did way better. I love them now :)

  2. Signing up is the hardest part! Way to go! Can't wait to hear about it.


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