Thursday, May 2, 2013

Come, Run With Me To The Fairy Falls...

The Fairy Falls lie nestled in the Waitakere Ranges half an hour's drive from central Auckland (off Scenic Drive somewhere between Swanson and Waiatarua), and are about half an hour's walk into the bush.  We went there last week:

Get me on a bush track and I just want to run!  I couldn't resist running ahead with the phone and taking some "dizzying footage" of the moment.  Wanna come run with me down through some NZ native rainforest to the Fairy Falls?

I am sure those hikers wondered what crazy was running through the bush filming - it's tricky looking at the screen and the ground!  In that video I stop at the top of the falls, then there are a ton of stairs to descend to halfway:

the upper falls
The falls are multi-tiered and halfway down a bridge crosses over them, then you can continue descending right to the base of the lower falls - that's in this clip:

It's a great little hike to squeeze into a morning or afternoon  - only 4 km there and back.  But for every downward step to the falls there is an equivalent upward step back to the car, and I have to admit my quads felt a little tired on my real run later that day!


  1. Beautiful run! Everything looks so lush and green!

  2. I enjoyed the video. I can see why you wanted to run. Such a pretty trail!

  3. What a beautiful place to run!


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