Saturday, May 18, 2013

The New Trail Shoes That I Forgot To Tell You About...

In March I bought my first pair of trail shoes, and I haven't mentioned them yet because I wasn't sure about them and I wanted to give them some time.  They are Salomon XR Crossmax 1 shoes, part of their Door to Trail range.

Although I love running trails, I also run pavement, and I was also looking for something to alternate with my Adidas Supernova Glide 5s, so I thought these would be a good compromise.

They have a rather cool quick-lace system - you pull up the laces to tighten, then slide the toggle to secure, then stuff the ends into the stretch mesh pocket at the upper edge of the tongue - quick and no laces to trip on!

Athough they are super comfortable, my first run in them felt much harder, and that seems to be the general trend.  They feel light, they're streamlined, they're really well built and tough, but compared to my slipper-like Supernova's they feel less agile, a bit clunky and inflexible.  Of course that can be a good thing on rocky trails to prevent bruising your feet!

Hey rock, don't you mess with  me!
I forced myself to wear them on my short easy runs once or twice a week, and I find after a few weeks I am enjoying them more.  They are a totally different feel to my Supernovas, but it can be good to vary shoes to strengthen your connective tissues in different ways.  Maybe now my aging muscles and tendons are adapting to the change, my Salomon's feel easier to run in!

Another thing I have noticed is that they are less permeable than my Supernova's.  When it was warm and humid my socks became damp, so blisters may be a concern in the heat.  But on the other hand they repelled rain well during a downpour, so they might be a wet weather winter shoe for me.

The reviews for this shoe are very positive.  I have read a review that these are better on trails than pavement, and to be honest no shoe is going to do both 100%.  I have to admit that so far I have only run around town in these, on pavement and a few short local tracks and parks.  I haven't given them a good trail outing yet - as you can see they are still relatively clean!  I hope to give them a good workout tomorrow up on the Whangaparoa Peninsula, in the first of the Blackmore's Xterra Off-Road Series.

I'll let you know how they go!

Have you ever bought running shoes that don't quite work?
Have you ever returned shoes for that reason?  I was tempted, but it just didn't feel right!
Do you have a trail shoe? Tell me about it!


  1. I took some shoes back earlier this spring, they were Brooks shoes and they have a 1 month run happy guarantee, I only had them for 2 weeks and could just tell we were never going to get along. You should see if your shoes have any guarantee like that, the running store I went too was really great about it.

  2. Nice shoes! I think Salomon are a great option for trail running. Hopefully they feel better once you get them out on the bumpy trails!
    I have a few running shoes that I just don't like for running. I rotate them for gym activities and walking the dog!


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