Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Hi honey it's me (sob), can you come and pick me up..."

It was a beautiful morning, I had been to yoga and felt rejuvenated, and I set out for my run - 7km along the waterfront to the Judge's Bay overbridge and 7km back home again.

It was about the 6km mark that my iliotibial band started to irritate.  This was new.  I stopped and massaged it with my hand held drink bottle and that helped a bit so I continued on.
For another 50m.
When the same thing happened again.
I know I should have turned back there and then but I was in running-injury-denial and had to make it to the stupid overbridge for very important reasons only my ego knows about.

I got there, turned around and walked most of the way back to downtown, fighting tears privately under the brim of my cap, getting passed by lots of blue-bangled Powerade runners with iliotibial bands that functioned normally, and finally when walking became a painful hobble I made the phone call above to my husband.

So if you saw a poor runner looking like her hopes and dreams were dashed waiting on a seat outside the Ferry Building today - well, that was me.


So - that was written on Sunday night soon after it happened, but by the next day I was over feeling sorry for myself.  I'm going to beat this thing.  I've been resting, icing and elevating, and it is already feeling a lot better.  Yesterday I almost forgot about it until I went to climb some stairs, and today I walked the 10 minutes home, so it is vastly improved.  Plus it has been so icy cold I'm secretly glad I didn't have to go running!

I've been doing a bit of online reading - and there is a lot of conflicting information:
     ? to ice - or not to ice (I did for the initial inflammation)
     ? to foam roll and stretch - or to not foam roll/stretch (I'm too scared to try!)
I'm just going to wait until Friday when I visit the physio.  I imagine he'll give me exercises and stretching to do, and I'll do whatever it takes.  After all I have a half marathon to train for in November!

"It is not what happens to you, 
it is how you deal with it that matters"

Have you ever had problems with your iliotibial band?  Tell me all about it because I'm kind of interested in them at the moment!
Have you ever had running-injury-denial?  I can't believe how strong the will to go on was - when I 100% knew I shouldn't!


  1. Aw- sorry to hear about your IT band, Sherry. Injuries are seriously THE WORST.
    Just take it easy for a little bit. The longer you push through, the longer it'll take to heal.
    Both my husband and I have dealt with IT issues. Personally, I'm a huge fan of foam rolling. Nothing helps quite like it for me!
    Good luck with the physio, and try to enjoy the downtime.

  2. Oh no!!! Horrible! I have done that very same walk of shame, all the way from Okahu Bay to Wellington Street when I tripped and seriously injured my knee. And yes, I too continued on running for about 6km, knowing full well that I shouldn't (hence why I had to walk so far home!)

    I feel for you, although I haven't (yet) had an IT-band injury, I understand the frustration of forced down-time from training. Fingers crossed your physio can work magic and fix it quickly! And don't panic, November is a while away. You'll be fine to run the half. Have some faith in yourself :)

  3. I feel so sorry for you. I hate it when a stupid injury gets in the way of what I want to do, even if it's only running with my dog, or yoga.

    Is this the problem where the pain is in the side of the knee (the outer side?) I had a very very painful burning knee on and off, when I used to cycle a lot. I remember doing a 65 mile ride and really considering getting in an ambulance about three-quarters of the way through. The pain! I made it, but I don't know how. I think mine came about purely from overuse. I remember I had some heat treatment but it didn't help. Resting seemed to help better. One day it went away and never came back (that was twenty years ago). Although, I do now have different problems with my knees and they really hurt (under the knee caps) if I run every day (I'm only talking 1.5 miles a day!) But I've gone off the point, which is to say I really do hope you are better soon. I know how horrible any injury is. I wish I had some great advice for you...

    Good luck!


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