Sunday, May 26, 2013

A New Running Watch!

The last few weeks I've been running blind, since my Nike+ GPS SportWatch stopped functioning after running in the rain.  It was still under guarantee so I returned it to Rebel Sport where I purchased it from, and I have to say the staff were really great throughout the whole process.  They returned it to Nike, who didn't fix it but offered a replacement or refund.

I considered using the refund to invest in a more sophisticated watch, but decided to replace the SportWatch.   It does most of the things I need it too, and as a relatively new runner I'm going to wait until my body proves it can run a half marathon before I consider upgrading!

So - here it is:

I chose the blue version which doesn't have the footpod but I never used that anyway.  And being slightly cheaper than my first watch (which was on sale), it gave me a tiny refund which I subbed for a GU Espresso Love.

In the new watch a few features have been refined - the wrist band is more supple, the buckle is less bulky, and the buttons are textured and beep when pressed.  It even beeps when the GPS signal connects, which is great because a few times I've forgotten to click start until I am well in to my run!

Could you do without your running watch?  I have to say I am really glad to have it back.
Do you purposely choose not to wear it on some runs?  I quite enjoyed my long runs without it, but I really missed my stats and the maps!


  1. I love my Garmin and don't know what I would do without it, although it is nice sometimes to run without it and just relax, not worrying about time or distance or pace.

  2. I still use my phone, haven't 'upgraded' to a watch as yet. I have been for runs without it, but find it really irritating that I don't have the run info available (distance, time, speed, not to mention adding it to my total mileage on NikePlus!) I don't think I could go without it, especially with run training starting to pick up for the half marathons coming up later this year. Glad you had a happy ending to your story!

  3. I bet your naked runs were nice and relaxing!
    Nice that they offered a refund or replacement! Hopefully this one holds out until you choose to change!


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