Monday, June 3, 2013

Things To Do When You're Injured #1

#1 - Go Shopping!

Going shopping in your favourite running stores is sure to cheer you up when you get injured!  Well, it did for me - here I am guilty as charged:

It has started to get cold around these parts, so a new pink Adidas t-shirt and black Nike capris were needed.  And I picked up a couple more pairs of Experia socks as I have been loving the turquoise pair I bought recently.

I bought a SPI belt because I think it is really handy, and chose the reflective version as sometimes I have to run after work and it starts to get dark by the time I get home.  I also splashed out on some pink 2XU compression socks, and some dumbbells because I thought they were cute I should start improving my upper body strength:

I have been trying on shoes for a while as my others really need replacing and are probably the cause of my injury in the first place.  Shoe Clinic kept steering me into Mizuno Wave Riders so I finally stopped procrastinating and bought them too:

They are very comfortable, and I like the way the sole at the heel tapers - I always felt this part stuck out too much on my Supernova's.  I've heard a lot of comments from runners who love their Wave Riders too.

So there we go - a bit of retail therapy to supplement the physiotherapy.  Now all I need is my IT band to get better so I can use them!


  1. Hope your IT band heals quickly! I wore turquoise Experia socks at my marathon last Sunday - great socks! I like Wave Riders, too!

  2. retail therapy is good therapy! plus fun to have new things to run in once you get back at it!

  3. Nice haul!! I'm super jealous! Not of the injury of course, but the ability to go shopping ;-) My budget is severely lacking at the moment (plus I don't actually need anything. Wanting stuff doesn't really cut it). Fingers crossed your IT band heals quickly and you can enjoy all your new gear!

  4. You picked up some CUTE stuff!! Hope all gets better for you soon, though. No amount of retail therapy can replace running. ♥

  5. Your haul looks very satisfying!


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