Friday, June 28, 2013

Dreaming of Running

For the last week I've been for short runs every second day, increasing the duration by 2 minutes each time - I'm now up to 21 minutes!  

Although I enjoy being able to run again, even if it is only for a short time, I really dream of those longer runs where I extend my immediate boundaries and explore new parts of the city again.  I came across this draft post of such a run before I got injured, which only serves to fuel the fire.....

My 8k steady run recently took me along Ponsonby Road, through historic St Mary's Bay, and down the steep steps of Jacob's Ladder, where I had options.  Right towards Victoria Park and the city, or left towards the motorway overpass - I chose left:

At the end of the overpass I emerged to this view, and descended the stairs to run around the waterfront drive:

It was a beautiful day - and there's something special about running next to the water, isn't there?  

I'm going to be running over that distant harbour bridge in November during the Auckland Half Marathon, and kind of gulp every time I look at it, but then I remind myself it is only 33m elevation - a walk in the park!

I continued around Westhaven Marina and under the southern end of the harbour bridge.   

Auckland CBD admidst a maze of masts

Then it was a climb up Shelly Beach Rd to Herne Bay, and a zig-zag home through city streets.  A route to remember.

Sigh - I really miss my running adventures, and can't wait to start plodding the pavement big time!
Patience, patience.....


  1. For whatever reason, I love walking across pedestrian bridges (or overpasses) so I love that picture and really want to run there! Enjoy this beautiful scenery and take your time getting back into the run!

    1. Pedestrian bridges are kind of surreal aren't they?!
      I know that Denver one will always have a special place in your heart!

  2. Ooh, that's one of the areas I run! Except I've never been over that bridge - I either go up the stairs to the left, or I cross over down the bottom then run through the marina. Glad your run time is increasing! And yes, as frustrating as it is, patience will see you through this. Ugh, that bridge... it's got nothing on Mount Eden, right?

    1. I just know I'm going to bump into you one day out running!

  3. So happy to hear you're steadily increasing your runs!
    Before you know it you'll be back on those adventures with the gorgeous views! Hang in there!


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