Saturday, June 8, 2013

Things To Do When You're Injured #2

#2 - Read about Running!

Instead of running, I've been using my downtime to read about it instead!  I've raided my bookshelves, visited the library, and ransacked the bookstore for running reads to satisfy my obsession and keep me motivated while resting.   These books where found lying around the lounge while tidying up - triple that pile to include the reads on my bedside table, in the office, at work, or in my handbag!

I had been reading all about half marathons and was in the process of trying to choose a training plan.  But when you can't run, doing that became the ultimate frustration - I started getting tetchy!

Instead, my favourite books at the moment tend to be those that take my mind off my own problem and transport me into another runner's world.  Like Malcolm Law's book 'One Step Beyond', about running seven of New Zealand's Great Walks in seven days (I've read it twice now!).  Or Lisa Tamati's stories of her ultramarathons around the world in 'Running Hot'.  Or some classic Dean Karnazes - I loved 'Run!' and currently I'm whizzing my way through his '50 Marathons in 50 Days'.

Although these books tend to exponentially increase my bucket list, they also motivate me to get down on the floor and do my prescribed exercises.  I've been so good my physio said I could try a run 1 min/walk 1 min x15 on Sunday.  I'm excited about that, but nervous too - wish me luck!

How was your first run back from injury? (I'll tell you Monday...)
What's your favourite running read? (atm it's Mal Law's One Step Beyond.  Check out the link on my sidebar if you want your own copy!)


  1. I always read about running when I am not running. It is really an obsession we have, isn't it? Hope you feel OK Monday!

  2. I read about it more when I can't do it then when I can too, keeps me motivated!

  3. My favorite running reads are running blogs, like yours! So sorry your injured, but reading is a fun way to recover!

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    I also read Mal Law's book while I was injured and couldn't run. It felt like the second best thing to do other than running but also made me really desperate to get out there and run (and sad because I couldn't).

    Speedy recovery!

  5. great list of books. I would recommend any of Phil Maffetone's books as well (especially if you want to avoid getting injured again). thanks for the post!


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