Friday, June 21, 2013

Things To Do When You're Injured #3

#3 - Keep Exercising!

The first thing I did once I knew I had injured my ITB, was ring the physiotherapist I went to last time.  Not only because he is a general all-round nice guy, but he also runs.  He understands without question how important it is for world peace that this middle-aged mid-pack runner gets back to running as soon as possible!

He did a few tests and prescribed me stretches (hip flexor, gluteal) and strengthening exercises (clam sets) to help my recovery and correct my particular muscle imbalances.

 I've been really good at doing these twice a day (really good meaning I've only missed them twice!)  I look forward to my daily time on the mat so much that I take the opportunity to work on a few other areas as well - like my core and upper body.  I love doing dead bugs:

and single leg bridges:

And my foam roller is practically my best friend.  From now on it's coming on every holiday with me:

To help improve my upper body strength I bought some dumbbells, and I've been having fun with those too:

Last year when I had my month's free gym membership, the muscle tone in my arms improved from zero to passable fairly quickly, so I hope to get back there again.  I also invested in this book which I really recommend - Weight Training for Running:

Each week I try to make it along to a Lululemon Yoga session.  I really enjoy them, and they're an invigorating start to the day!

By the way - I went in there yesterday to find some yoga trousers and they happened to be on sale - whoops, danger time!  I walked out with a cute running jacket, T-shirt, underpants and a headband....  I can't believe how much money I've spent on running while not running!

There is good news on the horizon for my budget though - I ran!  I did 15x 1 min run/walk repeats with no niggles at all.  After a recovery day (hehe!) I ran 20x and just about couldn't stop myself.

Fingers crossed this will be the last of my Things To Do When You're Injured posts*!

(*  I hope I'm not speaking too soon!)
(PS - thanks to my patient Mum who is visiting for taking the photos!)

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  1. Nice job staying active while injured. It is so important I think both for the mind and the body. Hope you are back to running soon!


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