Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Help me, I only have 2 days to decide!

All year I have been stuck in a state of indecision about whether to enter the Auckland Half Marathon again this year, or enter the huhhum, Marathon.  This is the main reason I never posted any New Year resolutions or goals - because I couldn't decide!

This is where you come in - help me weight up the pros and cons of running whichever one you think I should enter!

Here's a glimpse of the chaos in my head at the moment:
At first I thought I would definitely enter the marathon, but I've had a bit of a tough time running lately and I'm veering towards the half - but am I just being a chicken?  I have only been running a couple of years and maybe the marathon would be a bit of a stretch for this 47 year old body (there I am being chicken again).  Maybe another year of running will build on my strength and endurance.  In some ways I would like to do the half again and rather than just run it to finish the distance like I did last year, I'd like to try and beat my time of 2:10 and maybe even run a sub-2.  I think I'd feel more confident going into a marathon having run a sub-2 half.  But I'd like to run a marathon before I am 50 so I haven't got long - there are only 2 Auckland marathons before that happens so I need to hurry up, stop procrastinating and being a chicken.  And if I happen to be injured one year that means only one Auckland marathon left...pressure...Actually the 'need to do a marathon before 50' isn't really important to me, I'd be happy doing one at 51 so ignore all that.  Goal eliminated.  Decision still not made though...

See what I mean?  Entries open on April 10, and the half sells out quickly so I need to decide soon!  Please help - all comments and advice below will be duly considered!

Bonus Post - March Running Roundup:

For a while I've been thinking of doing a monthly round-up of exciting running things that have happened - so here goes, albeit a little late for March!

Last month the Vibram Tarawera Ultra Marathon was held - it's first year on the Ultra Trail World Tour - as Cyclone Luci rained down upon the country.   The course was shortened as a result, but that doesn't stop the excitement:
  • Women's winner Jo Johanson came out of nowhere to win this year's event and make Kiwi's proud, here is her post race interview with Bryan Powell.
  • Third place-getter Dawn Tuffery's race report's are always a good read, complete with her cartoons.  Is she really smiling in every shot?!
  • Men's winner Sage Canaday's race report is an interesting read, and nice to know even elites can have headlamps fail!  His irunfar interviews, pre and post-race, are also great viewing.
  • Kiwi Vajin Armstrong placed third and here are his thoughts pre race.
  • One day Vera  from SuperGenericGirl will post her report ;), but she's been so busy as the new editor of New Zealand Trail Runner magazine I can forgive her for any delays!  Make sure you pick up your copy, it's a good read, enclosed in this month's Wilderness magazine, and join the Facebook page while you're at it.
  • Update: Vera must have heard me typing that because she has just posted - a must read!
Another exciting event was the inaugural event of The Hillary.  The Hillary Trail is a 4-5 day walking trail the length of the Waitakere Ranges west of Auckland - but who wants to walk when you can run!  With 80km, 34km and 16km events there is something for all, and you can get an idea of the race with this teaser video.
  • Jo Johanson won this ultra too!  It will be exciting to follow this talented lady's ultra career in the future.  Here is second place getter Heather Davidson's race report.
  • Check out  Jody's race report on the 16km event with some amazing photos - well done my friend!
That's just a few of the exciting things from last month on my radar.  Enjoy the links!

(But only after you have left your comment helping me to decide, right  - half or full?)


  1. I was only talking to Jen this morning about how bloggers often feel 'obliged' to run a full marathon to prove they're real runners! Whilst I'm sure this isn't the case for you, it's worth saying again that you don't HAVE to run a marathon unless you want to. If you do want to do it at some point, my guess is that it's kind of like having children - better to do it when younger rather than older so my vote is for the full marathon as long as you have enough time to train well and carefully. But if your heart isn't in it, then go for the half. Marathon Training (as the veteran of just the one) takes over your life for a while so you have to really be committed. Whatever you choose, I suspect it'll be brilliant anyway!

    1. I agree that some runners can feel obliged to do a marathon - not me however, I have a black toenail to prove I'm a real runner! I definitely do want to run a marathon, and then I guess I will want to run more to try and improve my time!

  2. I think that you should choose the race distance that gets you most excited about running. Like Cathryn said your heart should be in it. The caveat that I sense is that you're both excited AND scared about the full marathon. My feeling is that if you're feeling fit, uninjured, and inspired, go for the full while all of the stars are aligned. That said, I also totally understand your feeling about accomplishing certain goals before signing up for your first full -- I've been the same about progressing towards my first 50K. I know that I could do one this year, but I really want to have a steady progression before my first ultra. Just make sure your pre-marathon goals aren't just handy excuses to put off signing up for a marathon!

    Hm, not sure I was much help. ;) Good luck!

    p.s. thanks for the links! I've got a huge crush on Sage Canaday. *swoon*

    1. Your comment is helpful! I know I could run a marathon this year, but I'm in no rush! Steady progression and injury free life-long running is my ultimate goal.

  3. My two cents would be to do the Auckland Half then look at doing the Rotorua Full next year (May)... Gives you a chance to knock out another great road half and then build into a cooler-temp full :)
    Good luck deciding!

    1. That is a good idea, I might think on that one!

  4. Definitely Full - dooo ittttt! You will totally nail it. And you've got to do one sometime right?? Michelle definitely has a good point but why not just do both fulls? :)

    1. Haha - you have definitely been bitten by the marathon bug!

    2. Hope you got your Auckland entry Rachel!! Sherry, did you make a decision??

    3. Sort of! I entered the half marathon, with the idea that I can always upgrade to a marathon if I wish to, as it sells out later on.
      How about you guys?!


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