Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Book That Got Me Running Again

So, exactly what motivated me to start running again?  That's simple, it was this compact little book:

Beginner's guide to long distance running
by Sean Fishpool
This is a great little book that has running programs for the absolute beginner to the sub-3:30 marathoner, with lots of good advice on footwear, nutrition, stretches, and the like in between.

I started at the very beginning - run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes, seven times, every second day for a week.  Over a period of 10 weeks you build up to running 30 minutes non-stop, and I like how you are encouraged to listen to your body and repeat weeks whenever you feel like it.

I followed the schedule quite religiously as I really wanted to ensure my aging muscles and tendons were gradually conditioned to avoid any chance of injury - I don't want to go there!  It has been rewarding for me to cross each week off the list and see myself getting closer to each goal, but occasionally I'd miss a run or two and punish myself by going back a week!

Anyway now I've progressed to the next level, I want to make sure I keep progressing and don't have to drop backwards again and repeat my hard work - onwards and upwards is the direction I want to be heading.  And that is my motivation for starting a running blog!

My current level is four runs a week - two easy, one long, and one speedwork.  I love the speedwork days -  it feels great to 'run' rather than jog, and it seems to have made a difference already - although that could be my imagination!

What motivated you to start running?  Was it also a book, or another running program, or some other influence altogether?


  1. Great post! I was motivated to start running when I randomly signed up for a race and with little preparation did surprisingly well.. I am a competitive person (with myself) so naturally I wanted to keep getting better and better so kept going and going... and got hooked :)

    1. I want to keep getting better and better too! I can't wait until I'm ready to enter some races again as they are such fun!

  2. I've followed you over here from your sewing blog, now that I've found the world of running blogs, I'm never going to get any work done! I started running in April, because I'm too lazy to go to the gym, and wanted to do something with a goal in mind. I ran a 10k in the end of May, and another in the end of July. I've now set my sights on the Waitakere half marathon in October, a little over ambitious maybe. Are you training for a race?

    1. I know - I thought my addiction to sewing blogs was bad enough, but add running blogs to that mix...! It is motivating reading other's running/race experiences - it just makes me want to lace up!
      I want to do a 5k in a couple of months, not sure which one it will be but it will be on the blog! Good luck for the Waitakere half!

  3. I am impressed and just popped over to Fishpond to order that if I could only find out how to get motivated to run in the rain!

    1. I hope you enjoy the book! I prefer the rain to summer's humidity which makes me feel like a lead weight!


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