Saturday, August 18, 2012

RunLog, and Running Watches

Tuesday 14 - 30mins slow

A quick run squeezed in between work and the night classes that I teach - even I'm impressed with my dedication today!

Thursday 16 - 30mins slow

I know I'm going to run out of things to say about my 30mins slow days soon.....
Today I concentrated on running slow, as I suspect I've been running a little faster than I should be.

I'm also considering investing in a running watch.  My long run tomorrow is supposed to be 55mins, and it's getting harder to guess the time spent running without one!  I'm thinking of getting this Timex Ironman one from Rebel Sport...

...which is an updated version of my old one - so old that the strap has perished and fallen apart!

Friday 17 - 55mins slow

Well, 1:01:16 to be precise!

Nike+ users will recognise this :)
Yes - I bought myself a running watch to track my times and distances, as that has been mere guesswork up to now.  I went into Rebel Sport today, and it must have been my day because they had a sale with 30% off sport watches - it runs until Sunday I think, so be quick!  I bought their last Nike+ Sportwatch GPS:

It isn't the most elegant thing on the planet - but sport watches never are, are they?! This one has a lot of features for a reasonable price - including GPS.  I love the idea of mapping my runs as much as timing them, so of course I was completely sold there.

The pace and elevation graph is fun too - you can see where my pace dropped off as I walked up and down the steps in Jaggers Bush! (orange area on the map above):

pace = green, elevation = blue

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with my new gadget!

What's your favourite way of tracking your runs?  Guesswork - like I've been doing up to now, or Gadgets - the higher tech the better?!


  1. OMG I totally want to get one of those things!! I currently use a Nike Sportband - it keeps track of your distance, pace, time, calories burned etc, but this GPS/route tracking thing is awesome! Gonna swing by Rebel Sport on my way to knitting this morning. Hope you didn't buy the last one in Central Auckland...

    1. Oops, you're going to hate me cos I think I did...!
      They should be able to get one in for you though - if they haven't restocked already!

    2. No biggie, there's no hurry for one. I should stop being such a consumer and just continue using my sportband. Can always use an app on my iphone for the GPS tracking ;-)

  2. That watch is great. The GPS feature is addictive, the first thing I do when I get home from a run is go online to analyze the data :)

  3. Ahh, a bunch of my friends in my running group have the Nike+ watches. I really love Runmeter on my iPhone - does all the usual GPS tracking and maps and speed feedback in my ear, but it also integrates with and it posts (to DM, or Twitter or Facebook) when you start a run, and then if people reply, it'll SPEAK THEIR COMMENTS IN YOUR EAR! So! Cool! It's super motivating for races, too. :)


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