Saturday, August 25, 2012

Breaking Records Already!

My new toy lets you know when you've run your fastest 1k and 5k - and when I went for my first run with it last Friday it popped out these (disappointing-for-me) stats:

Admittedly this was for a long slow run where I stopped at traffic lights a couple of times, stopped to tie my shoelaces, and walked up the steep hill! 

After uploading the data for my next run I got the message that I had broken my all-time record, he he!

These numbers are probably more indicative of my current training pace.  My training at the moment is mostly slow runs measured by time spent running, rather than distance or speed.  According to my schedule I have a time trial in 4-6 weeks which will give an indication of my 5k race pace.

Onto Sunday's run - 10 mins slow, 4 x 2 mins fast with 2.5 min jog recoveries, 10 mins slow

You can see my four 'fast' intervals - the third one is a bit slower but there is a story behind that.  While I was doing my second recovery jog a guy overtook me, and when I started my third fast interval I felt a bit silly in that "hey-don't-you-pass-me" way overtaking him again, so I ran a little slower just to stay behind!

The last interval was a bit faster because I knew there were no more to come, but I did struggle the last 10mins home, as you can see I have conveniently chopped that bit off ;)

My speed sessions were supposed to be 'fast', which is defined as 5/10km pace (whatever mine is!) or finishing feeling you couldn't have given any more.  This is at variance with most of my speed sessions which have been 'brisk' - faster than conversational pace but not puffing, or 1/2 marathon pace (now we are really guessing!).  My 'fast' pace was anywhere between 5:30 and 6:00, and I probably could have tried a bit harder. Next time my watch will come in handy to help gauge my 'fast' speed - I'm loving it already!

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  1. Don't you just LOVE Nike Running? I've downloaded the app on my phone and use that instead of my sportband now - it has GPS tracking and shows elevation like the watch. It's awesome :-) Did a bit of out-of-town running over the weekend while away at a knitting retreat. Totally screwed with my times (went with a friend who doesn't run, and had a dog. That was a really slow run!) but sometimes a change of scenery is nice.


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