Friday, August 10, 2012

RunLog August Week 1

Thurs 2 Aug - long easy run 45mins

I obviously need a running watch of some sort, as this runs was meant to be 50mins but I got home a bit earlier than that.  The run went well though - apart from the unexpected hill!  I've been trying to run relatively flat routes so far to keep my heart rate at a conversational pace.

Sat 4 Aug - 10 mins slow, 5 x 1 min brisk with 2 min jog recoveries, then 10 mins slow (then 10mins walking up the hill to home - that counts right?!)

Today's run marks the beginning of cycle 2 of the second level in my running book, which is basically a repeat of cycle 1 with some increases, and it feels great to have progressed so little so far!
I love the 'speedwork' - it feels great to ramp it up a bit after all the slow running.  I look forward to these sessions each week, but the final 10 mins slow was very slow today!
Starting out could feel my quads were a bit stiff after the unexpected hill 2 days ago, but it soon went away.  Maybe probably should warm up a bit better...

Sunday 5 Aug - walk 60mins  - unscheduled - took the opportunity for a nice late afternoon walk with DH

Mon 6 Aug  - 35 mins slow

Not much else to say really!
Except I ran up behind a couple, and just as I began to pass the guy decided to extract his nasal contents onto the pavement, which landed a few inches from my advancing foot - gagh!  As I passed we made eye contact and he guiltily said sorry that was very disgusting of me, and I said yes it was, and ran on.  Soon after that I started puffing and realised I was running too fast because I was so annoyed about The Nasal Guy Experience, so I slowed back to easy pace.  Ahh, the minutiae of life, must have been a stressful day at work...

Thurs 9 Aug  - 30 mins slow

I didn't manage to squeeze this run in yesterday as planned, so after a 2 day break I was rearing to go and everything felt good.

Fri 10 Aug  - 45 mins slow

So spring-like today!  I had a nice easy run around Western Springs, winding in and out of photo-taking tourists, geese, swans, toddlers and mothers with prams. Here I am back home after navigating the melee, rehydrating celebrating my first week of blogging with a glass of err, water!

Happy running this week!


  1. That's a lot of running. Did you see all the baby swans at Western Springs? I went running there last weekend, and there were three black swan families. So cute.

  2. No, but I looked out for them today and saw a few - they're so cute and fluffy!


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