Sunday, August 12, 2012

RunLog August #2

Saturday 11 August - 1 hour walk

Sunday 12 August - 10mins slow, 20mins fartlek, 10mins slow

For the fartlek session I chose to run hard up any inclines that got in my way!  Because I've been running mainly on the flat to keep my heart rate down, it is actually exciting to do this for a change.  I really want to move onto some varied terrain so I have more route options - there are so many great places to run where I live.

Speaking of great places to run - in the morning we went for a 1 hour bush walk to Cascade Falls in the Waitakere's, and there was a group of four runners who took off around the same time, which just made my legs twitchy and want to follow them.  I love running trails, and can't wait until I'm a bit fitter so I can do so!  Here's some photos of our walk so you can see what I mean:

Doesn't it make you want to break into a run?

A real NZ silver fern, as worn by all our Olympic athletes!

A native NZ bush robin, so friendly he hopped to within a metre of us!
I've gotta say I'm looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!
Happy running...


  1. Hi Sherry, I'm another sewing runner or rather running sewer I think!
    I started in about April last year after a ban on basketball following an ankle reconstruction.
    I'm aiming for my first half marathon in October if the ankle holds up ok.
    I find gadgets such as Nike+ running app and also the my Asics web program a great motivator. Check them out when you have time.
    Happy running.

  2. Thanks for those links Karen, and I hope your ankle behaves for your race!

  3. Hi Sherry, missing you on the sewing blog so thought I'd look here. I just bought a treadmill to eventually run (I'm a single mum so no time alone) so this has been very helpful. Thanks for this lovely photo ...I used to live near the Waitakeres and I really miss it at times. Such a beautiful spot so close to the city.


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