Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Days a Week

Next up on my running calendar is the Xterra Waihi trail race in 3 weeks time which I am very excited about!  I plan on increasing my runs to 5 days a week for the next couple of weeks, adding another easy run during the week, then cutting back for the week prior.

Tuesday - 35 mins slow

Wednesday - 10 mins slow, 1/2/4/2/1 mins fast with equal recoveries, 10 mins slow
I jogged to the park and discovered that winter's rugby posts have been taken down and summer's 400m track had been freshly painted on the field, so how could I not christen it with a speedwork session?!

I have to say, watching the real-time version of this workout is rather comical as it downloads round and round at various paces!  This was my first ladder session and it went alright, although I am sure my speeds are fairly erratic.  Most of my recoveries were slow jogs, but I was struggling a bit towards the end of the third and fouth sessions and walked for a minute.  A fun workout!

Thursday - 30 mins slow
Concentrating really hard on running 7-7:30 pace for endurance.   Running slow is hard!  And I feel like I am spending so long on each leg for every step I take that my form suffers.  And I feel like the beginner that I am...

Saturday - 35 mins slow
I really don't like running slow, and actually feel like I am going through a down phase - like I'm getting worse!

Sunday - 55 mins slow
Felt better after this run - maybe what I needed was a decent long workout, because I've only done one other long run this month.  Still concentrating on running slow, which became easier as the run got longer ;)
Today was warm and sunny so I took my little Nike hand-held bottle - I hate being thirsty!  I discovered another water fountain today en route, so now there are 3 handy top-up points on my long runs.
Used up the last lemon/lime gel, thankfully, because I'm not fond of the medicinal taste.  I'm trying raspberry next!

That's my week!
How many days a week do you run?  Where do you do your speed workouts?  And what is your favourite gel flavour?

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