Saturday, September 15, 2012

RunLog + 1 km Time Trial

Sunday 2 Sept - 10 mins slow, 25 mins fartlek, 10 mins slow

I ran my Cox's Bay route - this was a regular run of mine 5 years ago and I've been avoiding it until now because the gradual upslope home sends my heart rate through the roof!  I've decided it is a good fartlek workout route that introduces me to some hills.  And the boardwalk along the creek is fun to speed up on - as long as there are no runners coming the other way!

Tuesday 4 Sept - 30 mins slow

Thursday 6 Sept - 10 mins walk/slow, stretch, 1 km time trial,  20 mins walk

My first time trial!  Today I accompanied DH on his walk and once we got to Cox's Bay park I measured out 1km and then did a time trial around the park:

You can see I started out conservatively (orange) and got faster (green) as I became more confident I could finish at my 'guesswork' pace.  I ran it in 5:19, but I had to slow down to pass someone walking their dog on the boardwalk, and then I absent-mindedly thought .96km meant I had 4m to go so I stopped and pushed the finish button to end the run a bit prematurely at .98km - so I didn't break my 1km record because I was 20m short - gah!

According to the McMillan Calculator this makes a 5k time of 31:16 possible, but for my 5k in a couple of weeks I'd like to will beat that and run under 30 mins. You can be sure you'll hear about it if I do, and if I don't it will be like:  "5km?  Err, what 5km?!

Saturday 8 Sept - 40 mins steady

I'm on the next stage of the training schedule in my book, which introduces a steady run each week in preparation for a 5k race.  I had a nice run down Chinaman's Hill to Western Springs, around the lake, and ran halfway up Chinaman's Hill  before walking the rest.

The GPS even tracked the small diversion I took at Western Springs - locals might recognise that is the exact position of the toilet block ;)

Sun 9 Sept - 70 mins slow

I felt tired for most of this run, and walked a few times.  If it wasn't for the fact that I was meeting DH at Meola Reef (he walked there taking a shorter route) I may have turned around and gone back home!  This is the first time I've felt jaded in my running - I think my week has been busy both work and run-wise, but next week is a bit lighter, and then I have my 5k race, so I guess this is the peak of my training and to be expected.  Right now I am liking the sound of the taper!


  1. 5:19 is awesome. I'm sure you'll be able to break 30, as long as there aren't too many hills :)

  2. Wow, you're doing great! I like the variation you have in your running routes, it's nice to be able to change it up a bit :-) You live in a nice, scenic area, good for running! Good luck for your training, and for your 5km race!!


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