Sunday, September 9, 2012

Upcoming Race Options

The training schedule I've been following has a 5km race planned for 5 weeks time, so I've been scanning around for one to do in the near future - here's what I've come up with:

Saturday 15 September - Titirangi 5km (in conjunction with the Lydiard Legend marathon event)

I thought I'd like to be involved in this iconic event even if I was only doing the 5km, but the other day when we were out west I reviewed the course - and it is uphill for about the first 2km!  I think I will leave this one until next year as I haven't been running any hills yet, and I don't want to stress my muscles and risk injury - is that a good enough excuse?!

There is no course profile for the 5 km, but here is the one for the third quarter of the Lydiard Legend Marathon - not your average walk in the park!

Sunday 23 September - Just Workout Devonport Classic 5km

With a little rearrangement to my schedule, I think I can fit this race in.  It looks fun, friendly and my husband ensures me that Fort Takapuna is not a hill.....mmm.....

Oh well, I've entered now!

Saturday 13 October - Xterra Trail Challenge Waihi short course (7.8km)

This is a definite and I'm excited to do this - a trail run through the Waitawheta Gorge near Karangahake.  We explored this area at Christmas time, and it will be amazing to run all those tunnels, winding trails, and swing bridges - can't wait!  There will be some climbs too, but for some reason I am prepared to handle hills on a trail, yet not on a suburban street.  I just love trail runs, and my most painful favourite running memories are trail runs I've done in the past.

So it's official - I have something to train for!  I've rejigged my schedule for a 5km in three weeks time, and a 8km in six weeks time - hopefully I don't hurt something between then and now!

Do you have any exciting races coming up?  The Lydiard Legend Marathon anyone?


  1. OMG go you!!! That last run sounds like so much fun!! Considering my current predicament, I totally agree with your plan of not doing that first race - very wise ;-) Best of luck!

    1. Thanks! And I hope your knee is getting better kreacher!

  2. Exciting! That XTerra does sound like SO much fun! Enjoy your training!

    1. Thanks Abby! I'm really looking forward to that one, hills and all!

  3. Just found your blog and glad I did!

    That course profile looks rough (at the top)- JUST as Lydiard would have it. ha!

    If you found a course you like better, it bet you re-jigged everything perfectly. Nothing a few weeks won't hurt. It sounds fun!

  4. Hi Raina! Yes - that profile totally intimidates me at the moment! But it would be a fantastic experience to run Lydiard's famous training route.


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