Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Far I've Come

Tuesday  - 10 mins easy, 3 x 4 mins brisk with 4 min jog recoveries, 10 mins easy

This session was fairly easy and I felt like I should have done another repeat, so I ran up a hill on the way home because I am so keen.

Wednesday - 30-40 mins easy

When my schedule gives a time range like this I usually aim for the longer time, unless I'm feeling particularly bad.  Today after a couple of minutes running I thought to myself  " uh-oh, this is only going to be 30 mins", but after settling in I felt much better and I ended up running closer to 40 mins.  This happens a lot!

Friday - 10 mins slow, 25 mins fartlek

My Cox's Bay route is a great route for running various paces, and it also has a few ups and downs that I am gradually trying to incorporate into my runs, in preparation for the inevitable ups and downs in my trail run next week!  I feel slightly more confident after this run, having had a lacklustre week where my patience and confidence have both been tested by s-l-o-w running.  It just makes me feel like a useless runner having to go so slow.

However, as I ran through the park I remembered how I used to run around it earlier in the year, and struggle just to run 2 mins/walk 2 mins at a conversational pace.  A few years ago I used to regularly run this route, and now I can run it again quite easily - so I began to appreciate just how far I've come since January.  It pays to sit back and look at things in perspective occasionally!

Saturday - 30 mins slow

Uh-oh.  My R knee had a niggle after today's run.  I iced and elevated it for 1/2 hour and it felt better, but it still feels dodgy.

Sunday - 75 mins slow

I was contemplating not running at all today to give my knee a rest, but it is my last chance to do a long run before Waihi, and I really want to squeeze a long run in as I haven't done many lately.  So I took the risk and went on my longest run to date.  Thank goodness my knee felt alright, slightly tender, but definitely no worse!

But the real thing about today's run was that I felt great!  I managed to run at a low heart rate most of the way, at a more consistent pace, run all the way up Chinaman's Hill, and feel like I could easily have run further - yay!  I really do love the long runs - there is a sense calmness and freedom as I head out on each new running adventure, and I look forward to even longer ones in the future.

Do you like heading out on your long runs too?
And how often do you sit back and look at how far you've come?

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  1. I love my long runs. It takes a little bit for the heart, legs, and head to get into a good rhythm, but once I'm settled in, I could just keep going (hence, how I sustained my injury. Oops!)

    As for how far I've come, I often ponder how much I hated running as a child (always walked the cross country at school), and the fact that three years ago, running for one minute was a struggle! Yes, sometimes it is good to remind yourself that you are achieving something, even if that something is small :-)


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