Saturday, October 27, 2012

RunLog + Shoe Shopping


Tuesday - 10 mins slow, 4 x 2 mins fast with 1 min jog recoveries, 10 mins slow

Wednesday - 35 mins slow

Thursday - 30 mins slow
I felt tired today - still getting used to running three days in a row!

Saturday - 35 mins slow
It appears a rest day was all that was needed as today I felt good.

Sunday - 45 mins slow
This is a cut-back week as I start a new cycle, so a 'short' long run today.  It was raining most of the day (gee, did you watch the washout'/men's triathlon?!) but I managed to find a relatively dry spell to head out the door.

For the first time I ran down the bush track beside the Bullock Track to Western Springs, but halfway through I got a bit scared all on my lonesome so I dashed through it as quickly as I could!  It was such a wet day that I saw only three people at Western Springs - which is a never - along with one crazy Pukeko that attacked me twice because I must have ran close to it's nest or something!

And I'm proud to say I ran all the way up Chinaman's Hill again - it's starting to get easier!

Shoe Shopping

I visited Athlete's Foot in St Lukes today - the first stop in my shoe shopping adventures.  After a few moments staring blankly at the wall of women's running shoes I was approached by a very nice and helpful staff member.

First he measured the length and width of each foot, then I stood on the footprint machine. The results showed that I was evenly balanced on each foot (50/50) and had neutral stance with a tendency to place more weight on my heels.  The R foot showed very slight supination which isn't enough to worry about.  Walking across the footpad with each foot individually, showed I had a normal trackline from my heel to big toe.  For someone who is impressed by my body's asymmetry, I am totally impressed by the symmetry of my feet!

I wore my current Adidas Response shoes into store because it is apparently good to look at the wear and tear on the tread for any pattern, and the sales assistant did do this.  Luckily for him I had them cleaned ;).  He selected three pairs of neutral shoes that he thought were most suitable for my feet - Adidas Supernova, Mizuno Wave Something-or-other (Riders?), and Ascis Gel Nimbus 14.

I first tried the Supernovas as Adidas was my current brand.  They seem more streamlined and the first thing I noticed when walking in them was the positive toe-off compared to my current pair, although they are worn out so that probably doesn't mean much.  They're a nice looking shoe and I'm sure they would be fine for me.  They were the cheapest at $220.

The Mizuno's were very similar but they felt sleeker and less cumbersome overall, with a slightly smaller fit. I'm sure these would work too - however they are a fraction more expensive than the Supernova at $240 and I see no convincing factor to switch brands.

The Asics Gel Nimbus 14 were another breed of shoe altogether.  I loved the colour, but apparently you should never buy shoes on colour ;)  They were very cushioned compared to the others - lots of padding around the heel, and the soles were higher and actually felt spongy, like I was on springs.  They did look more cumbersome in comparison to the others, but were still a good looking shoe.  They are a departure from what I am used to and are more expensive at $280.

Athlete's Foot have impressed so far with their service and professionalism.  My only critique would be that there are not a lot of styles to choose from and you are presented with a choice of three - although all three felt pretty good, I'd personally prefer more of a selection.

In store my first choice was veering towards the boing-y Ascis, but after some thought I think I prefer the more natural Supernovas or the Mizuno's.  That could change.  The store does have a return policy if the shoes they recommend end up giving aches and pains and blisters, so I am sure my money would not go to waste.  Still, I want to visit some other stores before I make my decision - Shoe Clinic Ponsonby could be next!

In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to watching the finish of the Adidas Auckland Marathon on Sunday.  Good luck to anyone reading who is participating - and have a great run!


  1. Shoes seem to be so tricky to figure out! At least there is a return policy!

  2. Congrats on symmetrical feet! You won the lottery!!! :D

    I am choking at the prices and HOPE for your sake that there is a big difference in exchange between US and NZ. Wowzers.

    Now you know what to get, can you purchase online? SO much cheaper, I would think??

  3. I love that you have symmetrical feet, I wonder if they have one of those feet analyzers close to me, I would love to see how mine are! Hope the shoes you picked make your symmetrical feet happy feet!


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