Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Race Photos and A Niggly Knee

I received some photo's of last weekend's race from my Mum so here goes - you can never have too many photos!

Waiting patiently at the start - that's me in the red T-shirt

Starting my watch as I cross the start line

Off into the muddy nether nether.....

Interview with awaiting media at the finish
(otherwise known as: catching up with family)
I totally enjoyed that run, and can't wait for my next adventure!

Now - a couple of posts ago I mentioned that my knee was developing a wee niggle.  It never bothered me on the race day at all, which just goes to show how good trail running is for you!  It returned after my run in the concrete jungle yesterday, so I think it is time to take it seriously.  It is very slight, but is located on the anteromedial aspect of the knee, and appears after running rather than during.  I thought of a few reasons it could be happening:
  1. I'm (over)due for some new shoes
  2. The last 2 weeks I've increased to running 5 days a week instead of 4
  3. Running extra slow changes my form, and I spend longer on each leg with each step
  4. I've been running mainly on pavement - the most jarring surface on the planet apparently
  5. Maybe I'm overpronating slightly on the R, although when I glance down it doesn't look like my knee rolls inward any more than on the L side, but this leg is slightly shorter.
  6. Pavement camber - I know I tend to run with the road on the R side, and the pavement sloping down towards the road.  
  7. Not stretching enough, or not stretching correctly
  8. Joint deterioration - I am sure this is the same knee where I slammed my patella into a concrete floor ten years ago, and maybe time is taking it's toll too.
My solutions:
  1. New shoes - Monday is Labour Day and I'm going shopping!  I'm going to visit as many running shoe stores as I can, and will buy my shoes at the one that gives the best service.  I might even be inspired to write a review of each experience, so be on your guard retailers!
  2. Cut back to 4 days a week, maybe with 5 days on alternate weeks, and see how that goes.
  3. Continue to run slow, but try to concentrate on good running form.
  4. Run on softer surfaces wherever possible.  I could be running in the park and on grass verges a lot of the time but usually don't because it slows me down.
  5. There is not much I can do about my leg length discrepancy, but perhaps professional help will minimise any adverse affects it could be causing.
  6. Alternate which side of the pavement I run on to balance out the levels.
  7. Stretch religiously after each run, and learn more about stretching, appropriate stretches, etc.
  8. Try taking a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement for strong joint cartilage.
  9. If the knee niggle persists after these other changes, seek professional help - physio, podiatrist, chiropractor?
I'm hoping at least one of these solves the problem!  
What do you think - is there anything else I should be considering?

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  1. Oh, frustrating about the knee. I always thought my leg lengths were different, and then I finally went to one sports doctor who said it was just tight muscles on one side in the glute area that pulled everything up. As soon as he released it, my legs were the same length!
    Hopefully your first few solutions solve the problem! Do you foam roll? That might help, too?


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