Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RunLog + Adidas Auckland Marathon


Tuesday - 10 mins slow, 20 mins fartlek, 10 mins slow

Wednesday - 35 mins slow

Thursday - 35 mins slow

Saturday - 35 mins slow
Whoops it turned into a tempo! I blame my new shoes - more later :)

Sunday - 50 mins slow

Adidas Auckland Marathon 2012:

We walked down to watch the finish of the marathon this morning and managed to see the first male finish (Rowan Walker, 2:24), and as we walked round a bit we saw the first female (Alexandra Williams, 2:41) enter the final straight, and saw the second and third women near the finish too - amazing to watch!

The winner Rowan Walker a few metres from the finish
I think deep inside I must really want to run a marathon one day, because I get really emotional seeing others finish - the first female, the second and third females, the guy struggling to finish, the two girlfriends running together, the middle-aged couple, the guy cheering his mate on encouragingly from the sideline, the club runners cheering their team mates on from the sideline, the sign below - there were so many instances that brought a tear to my eye.  Mmm, I'd better work on that aspect as well as my running!

It was a magic morning and Victoria Park filled up as more and more finishers rolled in:

One last shot as we left the park - I couldn't hang around too long as I had my own run to do!

However I did leave with fancy ideas of running the half-marathon next year...


  1. I have to warn you, it is almost impossible to just run one half marathon :)

    1. Yes - knowing me I will want to improve on my finish time!

  2. Haha, I would've been standing right across from you when Rowan Walker finished! It's so hard to pick out faces when there are so many people around. I've already signed up for next year's half (as well as the Unitec Run/Walk lead up series, and the North Shore half. Went a little bit crazy... ahem...) so maybe I'll see you there ;-)

    1. Good on you! It will be great fun to run over the harbour bridge. I want to increase my distances injury-free before I commit, hopefully in the new year and before it sells out!

  3. Ah! so much FUN! If you get emotional watching a marathon now, imagine running one after 4 months of prep (and all the highs and lows) :)

    1. Yes it is such a major commitment and achievement. And I can't even begin to understand how all the runners who have prepared for the cancelled New York marathon feel!


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