Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Shoes + My Shoe Clinic Experience

I've got new running shoes!

They're Adidas Supernova Glide 4's and honestly they float in mid-air:

They have metallic silver stripes that are definitely going to make me run faster:

And I love their mod space age details, which remind me of the 60's Couregges/Cardin/Rabanne era in fashion that I love:

Now let's hope they make my little knee niggle fade away to nothing...

I purchased them from Shoe Clinic in Ponsonby after some great service there.  Soon after I entered the store I was greeted and when I indicated I needed new running shoes the salesperson offered to assess my feet.  I read online that all the staff at Shoe Clinic are trained by a podiatrist in these things, so I agreed.  While barefoot, he assessed my stance on both feet, then each foot singly.  Next he had a look at my feet and checked the movement of my big toe.  Then he asked me to err, have a go on the treadmill.

I have never been on a treadmill before and it is totally weird, but I suppose you would get used to it!  He turned the speed up slowly at first, but then it got a bit too fast and I thought I my feet were going to spin out from behind me hehe, but he is obviously used to newbies like me and adjusted the speed back down again before I had time to face plant into the screen!

On the video analysis, all I could see was how huge my rear end looked from that angle!  I tried to ignore that and concentrate more on what he was saying about my feet - which was that my gait is nice and neutral and I have strong arches with no collapsing going on.  Stuff I like to hear.

He bought out the Supernova's and also a pair of New Balance shoes.  I had another go on the treadmill while wearing each pair of shoes, and checking the video of each and he thought everything looked good.  The New Balance shoes felt sort of hard and artificial on my feet, and slipping on the Supernova's afterwards felt perfect and really similar to my existing pair which have served me well, so my choice was made.  My existing shoes are Adidas Response 20, and I did have Supernova's a few years ago when I used to run so I must be an Adidas girl.  Plus Kate has a pair, obviously I now need a pair of red ones.

I'd definitely return to Shoe Clinic to buy my shoes again as I felt I was in the hands of professionals.  There is a 30 day return policy and a loyalty program of $50 off after $500 spent.  With lots of other good quality running gear and accessories instore that you know, I really need, that target won't take long to reach and this shop could even be a slightly dangerous-to-the-budget discovery, located slightly too-close-to-home.

And before you start thinking I work there or something and I'm doing a sales pitch - I don't.  But if their staff discount is good then I might just look into it!

What is your current running shoe and when did you last replace them?
(If your answer is longer than 6 months, log off immediately and proceed to your nearest running shoe store!)

Do you stick to the same shoe brand year after year?

Also - what was your first time on a treadmill like?


  1. I am glad to see you found the perfect shoe for you! Will it be hard to keep them white? ;)

  2. Oh yes it will! I'm going to save my old pair for those muddy trails!

  3. Hi Sherry, I just noticed on my sewing blogroll that your last post was about your running so thought I'd pop by to see how it's going. I started running about 5 weeks ago and did my first 10km race today. Exhausting but rewarding. Anyway, I read about your knee niggles so thought I'd share my experience of knee niggles. I originally started a running program early last year but had to stop after encountering huge problems with my knee. What started as a niggle, got progressively worse until I had no option but to head to a physio and take a long break. He said that the cause of my problem was tightness of my iliotibial band (ITB). This apparently is the most common overuse injury experienced by joggers. According to him it is 'bread & butter physio'. The IT band stretches from your hip to your knee. He gave me a bunch of exercises which proved to be fantastic.

    As mentioned earlier, I started up jogging again 5 weeks ago and would not have been able to continue with it, if I didn't do these exercises after every run (and sometimes on the days in between, during the first 2 weeks). From what I understand, the niggle will not go away unless you do these exercises. It will simply get progressively worse....which is what happened to me first time around.

    There are some great clips on YouTube that show you how to do ITB stretches. Also, it's worth checking out the ITB exercises using a foam roller. They really loosen things up if things are getting too tight. You don't have to use a foam roller. I just wrapped a hand towel around an aluminium drink bottle filled with water and secured it with elastic from my (sewing) stash.

    Just to clarify, I am by no means an expert - either at running or physio - this is just my experience. Hope it helps.

    1. Hi Bernice, and congratulations on your first 10k!
      Thanks so much for sharing your knee niggle story! My first thought was that my old shoes were past their use-by date - so I'm giving my new shoes a week and if it doesn't go away it is off to the physio! I will definitely look into ITB stretches in the meantime.

  4. Okay, you've sold me on Shoe Clinic. I'll wander up the road and check it out. May have to be after Christmas though. Ooh, Christmas present idea for DH ;-) I currently have my Nikes which I love, and have had for well over a year now. They've logged over 500km, but I just can't seem to give them up. I also have a pair of Asics trail shoes, but I haven't run any trails. Yet. They're still good for road running though. As for brand, I'm not overly fussed. Whatever feels comfortable is good with me. Although for running gear in general, I'm a bit of a Nike fan, simply because its comfortable, well made with excellent fabrics, and it looks good ;-)

    As for treadmill running, I loved it and found for a while I preferred it over outdoors (particularly in summer when it's just to hot and sunny). However, after a while I found it was causing strains and pain in my left hip and right shin. So I shifted back to running outside again, and those problems disappeared. A treadmill is just too flat, unless you have a slight incline. They are really good for tempo training and hill training though! And avoiding nasty weather (which to be honest isn't a big draw for me any more. There's just something about running in the rain that I kind of like. Call me crazy!)

    I wish you luck with your knee. Don't ignore the niggle! Be sure to rest it after long runs, and it may pay to have a chat to a physio and get some strengthening exercises sorted. They really do make a difference!

    1. I have some Nike clothes from years ago and they still look like new! The only thing is most of my tops are too short and show some skin as was the thing back then - something I am really not into now. In fact I bought two tanks in the weekend to help solve this problem!
      I quite like running in the rain too, once you are wet you don't really notice it. It is the humid summer days I'm not looking forward too!
      Unless my knee improves this week, I will visit a physio. Strengthening exercises can't do any harm and they worked for you!


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