Monday, November 19, 2012

RunLog + Next Trail Run

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 10 mins slow, 5 x 2 mins fast with 2 min jog recoveries, 10 mins slow/walking uphill
A thunderstorm developed right over top of us as soon as I got home from work and was getting ready for my run.  I couldn't wait around for too long as I had night classes, so rather than abandon my run altogether, I took the risk and headed towards the west where there was some blue sky.  As soon as I got down the road I questioned my decision as I was scattered with hail, but shortly after the blue sky revealed itself and the storm disappeared off into the distance.
Today my 'fast' pace was anything from 5:15 to 5:45 pace.  Forget what I said the other day about my pace becoming more consistent - it's all over the place!  I planned on 5:45, but I think it takes my SportWatch about 30 secs to register the change, and when it finally did it showed 5:15, so I slowed down, and you get the idea of my yo-yo run.  
I don't think my knee liked the speedwork as it flared up a bit, although it had been niggling me at work all afternoon.  After doing my clam exercises later in the evening it magically felt a lot better, so maybe my gluteus medius just needed a reminder to stop slacking and get back to work!

Wednesday - 35 mins slow

Thursday - 35 mins slow
Lead Leg Syndrome today :(
I also had my second physio appointment.  He gave my knee joint a workout and did some acupuncture as well.  I have an extra exercise to do for my hamstring that is quite hard - bridges with one leg raised and arms across the chest, so you can't cheat and use your arms to help!
When I was walking home my knee felt so great I felt like skipping, in fact I thought about turning around, going back and demanding to get that done to all my joints!
He also encouraged me to do some cycling.  Unfortunately I don't own a bike or have access to one, but luckily I do have a one-month free membership at Just Workout that I received in the race pack for the Devonport Classic, so I will put that to use.  It is a shame I'm so busy at the moment with work and night classes - not to mention running, exercises and physio appointments - as I would have liked to maximise the use of the month and take some of their Yoga and Pilates classes as well.  Still, I consider myself lucky to have it at all!

Friday - rest

Saturday - 35 mins slow
If I had Lead Leg Syndrome on Thursday, today it was Light Leg Syndrome!  I was running along at what felt like my normal pace, and was surprised to look down and realise I was nipping along at about 5:30.  I slowed a bit, but my legs just wanted to speed up so I let them.  I'll probably pay for it on my long run tomorrow, but sometimes I just want to run free, zip along at a groovy pace, and feel the wind in my hair.
Today I bought a foam roller from Rebel Sport.  It is a shorter 46cm one because that is all they had, but I am sure it will do.  Another thing I did today that my physiotherapist will be immensely proud of me for, is going to the gym and cycling for half an hour.  Apart from one Jazzercise session in 1984 I've never been to a gym, so I had to ask lots of embarrassing newbie questions, but now I know what a spin bike and an elliptical is.  I spent 30 mins on the spin bike - after 2 mins I was bored out of my tree, but luckily I had the latest issue of Runner's World in my bag so I pulled it out and read it while spinning away.  Next Thursday the guy is going to show me the ropes and do a plan for runner types like me, because he thinks I should make the most of my month's free membership and not just use one bike!

Sunday - 55 mins slow
Went for a nice easy run around Jagger's Bush, Seddon Fields, and Western Springs, and felt OK but not brilliant.
The BIG news is that I never even thought about my knee as there were no niggles, it feels more stable and much stronger - and even my exercises are becoming easy to do (except those new hamstring ones).

Next Trail Run:


A while back I signed up for the Speight's West Coaster which is next Saturday!  This is a coastal trail run out on the west coast of Auckland at Bethell's Beach.  It looks to be another fun TotalSport event with distance options for everyone - I'm running the shortest one which is only 6km, but never fear - it has a 212m climb up those hills in the background:


After viewing the map and elevation profile I'm really looking forward to the fact they will take my mind off the majestic scenery ;)

That's my week - how was yours?

  • Have you run in rain, hail and snow?  (I've run in plenty of rain, hail for the first time on Tuesday, but never snow)
  • Have you ever had acupuncture and did it work?
  • What is the next event on your race calendar?

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  1. I have never done acupuncture but I keep hearing great things about it, thinking one of these days I may just have to try it.


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