Monday, November 5, 2012

RunLog + Imaginary Obstacles

Tuesday - 10 mins slow, 1/2/4/2/1 mins fast with equal jog recoveries, 10 mins slow
'Fast' is supposed to be my 5-10k pace, but I found my usual 6mins/km to be unchallenging today.  Given these sessions are supposed to leave me feeling that I couldn't have given any more, I might try 5:45 pace next time.  I haven't had any races or time trials lately to gauge my speed so not sure where I am at - maybe I'm actually getting fitter!

Wednesday - 40 mins slow
I've been running in my new shoes since Sunday, and today the knee niggle made an appearance.  I thought I would ice it, but there was no ice in the freezer so a bag of frozen peas had to do! The niggle basically disappeared after icing for 10 mins.

Thursday - 35 mins slow
Today I ran in my old shoes. I like the idea of alternating shoes for a few reasons.  One is injury prevention - switching shoes adds variation and is less repetitive on your body day after day.  Two is to let them dry out thoroughly between runs, and I have this third totally-self-made-totally-unproven theory about letting the cushioning recover for a day to extend the life of the shoe.

It's taken a while, but I notice that my running pace is more consistent now:

When I first got my Sportwatch my pace varied a lot:

Now it only varies wildly like that on things like hills and bush tracks!

Saturday - 30 mins slow, with strides
Whoops - forgot the strides!
However this run did include a 33m hill which I ran the whole way up and felt good.  Ok, maybe I started to feel it towards the top where it suddenly got steeper!
The reason 33m is relevant is that it has the same elevation gain as the Auckland Harbour Bridge (otherwise known as the 'Coathanger' for reasons you will understand when you look at the photo below), which is part of the Auckland Marathon/Half Marathon.

The bridge climb was an intimidating factor for me entering the half marathon, but as the gradient is much lower than the hill that I just ran it should be a lot easier - I need to stop making imaginary obstacles.
Plus - no knee niggle today!

Sunday - 55 mins slow

Here I am after my 55 mins slow, looking sweaty, but relaxed and happy because it felt so easy!

I ran a new route so that usually makes things more interesting, but there were some uphill portions on the way home that felt a lot easier than expected.
I love it when running feels like this - a great way to cap off the week!

Do you rotate your running shoes?
Are your ice trays in your freezer empty, or topped up ready for a running emergency?
Do you create obstacles in your mind, that turn out to be imaginary obstacles?  It reminds me of this quote that has been one of my lifelong favourites:

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals"

I'm a bit too good at finding obstacles and excuses in life, but whenever I recall this quote it reminds me that they are just bridges waiting to be climbed - like the Coathanger :)


  1. I'm glad the niggle went away with ice! And it sounds to me like you're getting faster after your Tuesday and Sunday runs!
    I actually needed to ice the other week and we had turned off our icemaker :( Now I have it running so ice is always available!

  2. A few things:
    1. Rotating shoes to give them time to 'spring back' is a totally valid reason - I've read it several times (in the Runner's World magazine, and on online running websites which of course I can't find at the moment).
    2. I'm glad the ice helped your knee. I don't use ice cubes (because DH is hopeless at replenishing stocks), but I have a couple of those blue gel packs which work nicely - you can smoosh it around your kneecap quite well.
    3. Can I 'friend' you on Nike+? I'm not a creepy stalker, but I'd like to know the route you ran with the 33m hill rise - I'm running the Auckland half next year, and the bridge is totally freaking me out! It would be nice to be able to prepare. I'm not an Auckland local, so I'm not very knowledgeable about running routes in the area. My Nike+ user name is Jody Jessep.
    Keep up the good work, you're doing amazing!!

    1. I will check out the friends thing on Nike+ - I haven't yet and you'll be the very first! In the meantime, the 33m hill I ran was from Grey Lynn park up to Great North Road. Another one that is probably better, as it is longer, more gradual and Coathanger-like, is Chinaman's Hill (Western Springs to Grey Lynn shops/Williamson Ave), I just checked and that is close to 33m too! I used to run up Mt Eden too - the road that spirals around is about 1km and there is a rewarding view from the top - magic on a sunny morning! I was planning that for my Sunday long run but the physio said no hills for now. Yes, I went to a physio - next blog post!

  3. I am so glad to read of your health & happiness. Missing you on your sewing blog & was worried from the other side of the earth, until I dug around & found you here. All the best!


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