Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Numbers

Several other bloggers have summarised their running year in numbers, and I enjoyed reading them so much that I have summarised my year this way too.   I can't wait to compare some of these numbers to next year's and see the improvement!

But first I will start with yesterday's run, because I managed to take pictures on the new phone I got for Christmas!

10 - number of kilometres clocked
3 - number of pictures taken around Wynyard Quarter and the Viaduct Harbour:

1 - number of pictures taken from inside the pocket of my pink running skirt ;)

2005 - year I started running
2007 - year I stopped running - with back pain :(
3/1/2012 - date I bought a new pair of running shoes and went for my first run in ages:

2/8/2012 - date I started Run To The Mountains and wrote my first blog post
8 - month I bought my Nike+ Sportwatch:

85 - number of runs with my watch
465 - number of kilometres run with my watch
56 - number of hours run with my watch
7:23 - average pace - that includes a few traffic lights and water stops!

10.39 - longest run in kilometres
31:21 - fastest 5k
5:05 - fastest 1k
8:14 - fastest mile:

3 - number of races this year
1/3 - approximate placing in the women's field
32:22 - time taken to complete the Devonport Classic 5k:

1:23:37 - time taken to complete Xterra Waihi Short Course - in the rain:

46:42 - minutes to complete Speight's West Coaster 6k Adventure Run
1 - bottle of Speight's recovery drink:

1 injury - a knee niggle
5 - number of visits to a physiotherapist to fix knee niggle

2 - pairs of running shoes
15 - number of running gear purchases this year
1050 - approximate dollars spent on running gear and races this year - who said running was cheap?!

$1050 - one of the best investments I've ever made
2013 - a year I'm looking forward to
100 - age at which I intend running to :)

Have you done review of your running year?  Make sure you leave a link in the comments so I can read it too!
Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Aw- great year of running! I hope you have many more miles and races this year!

    1. Thanks Abby! I hope your year is all progress too!

  2. Love to see photos of places other runners run! "Taken from inside the pocket of my pink running skirt ;)"... So funny!

    1. I love photos from around the world too - your Palo Duro ones make me want to run a marathon now!


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