Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nike Girl

I didn't make the connection until recently that Nike was not only a popular running brand, but also the Greek goddess of Victory:

Nike at the Louvre - awesome even missing major parts
Knowing that she stands for victory, strength and speed, how can I not adore everything Nike now?!

During my run today I passed a girl wearing the same white Nike cap as me, then I realised that everything I was wearing except my shoes was branded with the famous winged Nike logo - Nike cap, Nike top, Nike shorts, Nike SportWatch, even my mini drink bottle was Nike!

Nike Ambassador!
The cap I bought in 2005 on complete impulse - I was at the counter buying something else, the salesperson was wearing one and I decided I needed one too!  I noticed them instore recently so they are still selling the same design seven years later!  I can understand why because it is the perfect cap - it has a large brim with a shady black underside, dri-fit fabric, the white is nice and cool to wear, and it still looks brand new seven years later.  My shorts are from the same era - though if you look closely they are quite faded, and the stitching around the leg elastic is going, but that doesn't stop me wearing them when everything else is in the laundry basket!

The SportWatch and water bottle are a more recent acquisitions that you can read about here and here, and the coral tank top is very new.  I think it is a nice mix of sporty and feminine with some ruching across the lower back and at the back strap - so cute I bought a black one too!

OK, this is a really bad photo...
Enough Nike, I do wear other brands too!

I never like to complain about nice weather, but it has been hot, sunny and humid most of the week and I'm really suffering on my runs!  I need to seek out some routes with more shade and sea breezes - or run early before it heats up!

Following the program in my book I am onto the beginners's first 10km schedule, and the training switches from time based to distance based.  There is a steady run during the week and some extra intervals, but the long runs aren't very long and only build up to 13km over 8 weeks - I can handle that!

Anyway, here's what I've been up to the last couple of weeks:

10-16 December 2012
Mon - Gym - cycling 30 mins + strength workout
Tue - Jog 2.5k, 4 x 400 fast (5:40)with 2 min jog recoveries, 2.5k jog
Wed - 5k slow
Thu - Gym - cycling 20 mins, strength workout, run home 3.5k steady (supposed to be 7k but I was too tired and I feel like I really need a holiday!)
Fri - Rest
Sat - 10 mins slow, 10 mins brisk (6:30), 10 mins slow
Sun - 7k slow around Westmere loop
I was supposed to go to the gym a couple of times this weekend as my month's free membership expires Monday, but didn't...

17-23 December 2012
Mon - Rest
Tue - Jog 2.5k, 4 x 600 fast (5:40) with 2.5min jog recoveries, 2.5k jog
Wed - 5k slow
Thu - Rest - run postponed due to Christmas party at work and consequent overindulgences!
Fri - Thursday's run - 7k steady (~6:45) Westmere loop
Sat - 10 mins slow, 25 mins fartlek along Cox's Bay route
Sun - 8.5k slow around Viaduct Harbour and back up Franklin Road

Next week I have a time trial - this will be interesting as it will give me an updated guide to what my training paces are really supposed to be.  I hope I'm not slower than last time!

Have a great Christmas and holiday season my running friends!


  1. I'm a bit of a Nike fan myself, but the reason for that it that their stuff is comfortable, well made, and stylish. The fabrics are perfectly designed for sweat wicking and comfort. Having said that, after a recent visit to the Lululemon store in Britomart for a nosey, I'm thinking I'm going to have to get a few pieces from their range too! The Nike hat was something I've been considering lately - I need a new hat, but was wondering whether the white would hold up well. After reading your post, I guess it will! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and happy running :D

  2. My favorite running pants are Nike. I hope that your time trial goes well!


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