Friday, December 28, 2012

Today's 1 Mile Time Trial

I was supposed to do a one mile time trial on Monday, but haven't been for a run for four whole days because I've felt a bit off colour, and no - it wasn't Christmas festivities!  I finally felt like I had energy to run today, so jogged down to the Domain to do a time trial around the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile.

I found out about the Peace Mile a few years ago when I ran a couple of Sri Chinmoy 5k races in the Domain (they were a lot of fun by the way!)  There is a sign on the fence near the Main Grandstand denoting the start and the route, but here it is spelled out to you:

I checked the distance on my watch just before finishing and had to run a few extra metres to make up the mile.  I wonder if the course is measured in the centre of the road, as I ran on the inner edges which may explain why I was slightly short.  I really wanted to make sure I ran a full mile by my watch - unlike my last time trial where I was 20m short and didn't break any of my records on Nike+ - so important!

As I was jogging to the Domain, I realised I had forgotten to look up my intended starting pace, so I had to work this out mentally which was rather hard when miles and kilometres are involved and you have been born and raised on metrics! I started out around 5:20 pace (actually a bit slower than planned) then increased as I felt more comfortable. Halfway around I realised I hadn't even started my watch and it was all a waste of time.  I stopped, decided to search for a much needed water fountain, had a bit of a rest, and started again - as you do.

Here's what I managed to pull out of the gas tank:

I will use the mile time to gauge my potential race times, training paces, etc, as the 1k time is only for the first kilometre and doesn't include the last 600m where I was actually running faster, so I would expect to improve on that in a dedicated 1k time trial.  Now we have numbers, let's play with them!

Fishpool gives a rough 10k time of 58mins for an 8 min mile, so I guess my 8:14 min mile would result in a 10k time around 60mins.  McMillan Running (love their new site!) backs this up with an estimate of 59:21 for 10k, and 28:35 for a 5k.  I really like how those numbers are under 60 and 30 respectively - my immediate goal!

What I love about McMillan Running is that your training paces are automatically calculated, as well as an approximation of your lactate threshold and VO2max.  I've been calculating training paces from my old Devonport Classic time of 32mins and they are feeling so slow and frustrating to adhere to - I'm pleased to know they have increased to times that feel more appropriate (to me)!

Recovery jogs - 7:00-7:30
Long runs - 6:30-7:15
Easy runs - 6:30-7:00
Steady state runs - 6:00-6:20
Tempo runs - 5:50-6:00
Tempo intervals - 5:45-5:55
400m speed intervals - 2:00-2:10
800m speed intervals - 4:10-4:20

(that's all going on the fridge door ;)

I am supposed to have another time trial in 3 weeks time, so that will be interesting.  I don't know if I will improve very much in 3 weeks, but I certainly will be more confident about running a mile at 5:00/k pace - maybe faster!


Have you ever done a time trial, or do you use race times instead?

Can you calculate miles, kilometres, and training paces automatically in your head? (I can't!)

Do you run each workout at a specific pace, or run as you feel on the day?


  1. Fun! I usually use race time, have done a time trial once but should do it again for my next training cycle since it has been 5+ years!

  2. I love playing around with numbers like this! I do try to run workouts at various paces (1-2 harder ones per week, most easy paced, especially the long run). I'm hosting a virtual 5k series and would love to have you join! We'll run a 5k (or 5 miler) each month from January to June and track our progress. (On your own time, not actual races unless you want to.) You can find more details on my blog, under the "5 by the 5th virtual race series tab"- glad to connect with you via Jill!

    1. Thanks for the invite Laura! I might join you because I'd love to know my current 5k time. Trail runs are not a very good indicator!

  3. Those times are great, I have never done a time trial. Maybe when I start running again . . .

    1. I hope you get back to running soon Jenn!


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