Saturday, November 30, 2013

Race Photos and DOMS

My quads were still ouchy-ouchy five days after my race last Saturday!  I have previously experienced DOMS for a couple of days, but never that long!  Consequently Tuesday's speedwork was abandoned, and I did an easy 5km on Wednesday to try and ease back into things.

I guess my quads took a bit of a hammering on the downhills.  In training I usually run downhills quite carefully as I'm a bit scared of stressing my ITB, so maybe I should try a bit harder in future so my muscles are better prepared.

This one makes my quads twinge just looking at it!
I bought some race photos - they were only $10 for the lot, and bloggers need photos!  Plus the photographer was friendly and fun and I felt like supporting him - even if he did capture me walking!

It is also really nice to look back on your photos later and remember the event, so you know not to enter again to enter the longer event next year.

While I was waiting in the portaloo queue on Saturday, I was approached by the lady behind me who was interested in my hydration pack.  I had fun showing her all the pockets and things and how it didn't jiggle or chafe - I hope I didn't sound like a sales rep!  Anyway it got me inspired so watch out for a review of it soon!

What is the longest time you've had Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness for?
Do you make friends in the portaloo queue too?!


  1. Those are really great photos! I had a lot of lingering pain after running the St. George Marathon last month. Those lines are great places to have a conversation - sometimes you wait a long time in them!

  2. No doubt you were sore for a while- some of those hills look intense! I love the photos; that first one is so happy!
    In junior high I'd go with my school to a destination 12km race. I remember being sore for days after a couple of those and having to hold on tightly to a bar or counter to sit on the toilet!

  3. Haha, never made portalook friends :) You look amazing in the pics! DOMS is the worst!! I once got it real bad after doing a whole bunch of pull ups and couldn't straighten my arms properly for about 4-5 days!

  4. Those are AMAZING race photos! And $10 for the whole lot is a steal. I'm still bummed out that the race pics from my marathon are so expensive. There were some really good ones (and some really bad ones!), and I would have liked to have them for myself and for the blog.

    Way to rock those downhills. You look fierce!


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