Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Year of Running

Happy New Year everyone!  

Now that it is 2014 it is time to look back at last year in running - overall it looked like this:

You can see when I was injured in May/Jun, and in July my half marathon training built up until October's taper, and a subsequent recovery period in Nov.

Ignoring the fact that there were a few runs not recorded on my watch during the year (especially in Apr/May when it was in for repair), I ran a total of 1231 kilometres for the year and spent 144 hours running.

I'm getting faster!  My pace trend is going up and my average pace is now 6:47/km (although that's a rough guide as I don't stop my watch at drink stops/traffic lights/intervals/etc).

Let's look at my 2013 goals and see how successful I was.

You know I love Total Sport and I did run as many of their races as I could, although my injury prevented me running as many as I wanted to, especially the winter Xterra series where I only completed race 1.  My Total Sport list for the year goes like this:

All great memories, and I hope to do a lot more in 2014.

I also ran Round the Bays and race one of the Unitec run series.  I don't plan to do either again - Round the Bays is so crowded it is pointless, and the Unitec run series isn't my type of thing, especially if it clashes with my training plan.

The Auckland Half Marathon was my goal event for the year, and I ran a time of 2:10 which I am happy with for my first half.  Plus it gives me a new goal to beat next time!
That's a total of 7 events, not quite the 13 in 2013 that I planned for!  This goal expired when I became injured, but also because I realised that completing a set number of races didn't excite me. My motivation to run a race is the challenge, the experience, and the location, rather than the quantity.

This year I failed also in staying injury free.  My ITB flared up on a training run and took several months to settle down.  It still begins to niggle if I don't keep up my foam rolling and strengthening exercises, so I live in fear am pretty good at doing them (semi)regularly.  This year I also attended several free Yoga sessions at Lululemon, and Pilates for Runners at my local physio.  I enjoy the Yoga and intend to go more regularly, and I believe Pilates really helps me stay straight, balanced and hopefully injury-free as a consequence, so I'll definitely keep that up too!

I haven't done anything about joining a running group. I'm not sure I want that commitment now, part of what I like about running is you can do it anytime, anywhere, when you feel like it.  All independent like.

Personal Bests - wow, failure plus!  I set two really easily attainable 5 and 10 km goals and haven't even attained one - because I haven't run a proper race!  Actually I did run a 5km race but I was recovering from injury, and I wasn't too far off my 28min goal, finishing in 28:39.  I expect my goal of a 60min 10km should be attainable as I ran one in 63mins on a training run.  I'd like to make some personal bests a priority this year!

Purchases throughout the year went according to plan - and more!  I found a great running bra in the Under Armour Armour Bra.  I also bought some Salomon Crossmax trail shoes which are a great shoe but I'm not sure they are for me - my runs in them seem harder and I gravitate naturally to my Mizuno Wave Riders. Now they were a good buy - I now have two pairs!  I'm excited to try a pair of  Wave Rider 17's soon.  I'm turning into a real Mizuno girl with a pair of Sayonara's and eyeing their Ascend trail shoe too...

An additional purchase was a heart-rate monitor.  I wear this on my easy and long runs to make sure I run slow.  Another great purchase was my hydration pack - I love just looking at it because it oozes adventure, and I'm looking forward to putting it to good use next year - whoops, this year!

Have a good one!


  1. Great year! Congrats on getting faster, don't you love it when all your hard work pays off! Love all your pretty shoes too.

  2. How fun to see that you're getting faster! That's a lot of hours of running in 2013! It's fun to add them up at the end of a year.

  3. Happy New Year, Sherry! I think you had a great year, culminating with your first half marathon!
    Injury does suck; I'm still terrified mine are going to come back! Best of luck this year- looking forward to seeing all your glorious training and racing photos!


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