Monday, October 14, 2013

Fastest 10K

One of the benefits of being a relative beginner is that new PB's come regularly as you rapidly improve.

Even in training...

I have to say I felt awesome on this run, and I'm trying to remember what I had for lunch so I can eat that everyday!

I had a 12km run at 6:15 pace on the schedule, and at the start I was trying slow down because I caught myself zipping along at 5:15 pace.  I ran along Ponsonby and Jervois Roads, and being a Thursday night all the bars and restaurants were busy, and my ego (that I didn't realise I had) made me run a bit faster than usual.  Then it was a nice cruisy downhill to Cox's Bay, and a small climb to Westmere, followed by the long stretch of Meola Road to Point Chevalier.

There are slight elevation gains around Pt Chev and they felt minimal compared to usual. I stopped for a drink at the water fountain, then cruised downhill to Western Springs, where I started to f d e.  A guy zoomed past me, but as is often the case they slow to their normal pace once ahead - do you notice this too?!  I find it quite funny, anyway I decided to use the super-runner powers I had tonight to keep up with him.  It worked until the long trudge up Chinaman's Hill where he disappeared into the distance - still, I managed to climb it faster than usual.

I finished at 11.5km and stopped my SportWatch, which lit up  and congratulated me with a 10K PB of 1:03:23 - despite several stops at traffic lights, a few hills and a couple of water stops!  This was a 3 minute improvement on my last record, which incidentally was also earned on a training run.  I know, I really need to run a race.

I'd love to run both a 5 and 10km race soon to get some official times, but for now my emphasis is on my first 21.1km - the Auckland Half Marathon on 3 November.  For that I just want to finish in a respectable time for me - and whatever that is will be a PB too!

Have you ever done a PB in training? (it's not a 'real' PB though is it?)
Does your ego make you run a bit faster around crowds? (apparently so!)
Or run faster past other runners? (they pass me, not the other way round...)


  1. Wow, speedy gonzalez!!! Congrats on an awesome 10km time! PBs in training totally count. We're not going to be able to race all the time, and sometimes race day isn't our best running day. I always count a good training run time as a PB. Still ran it, right? ;) As for zipping past other runners then slowing back down... guilty! I do that so I don't have to run alongside them awkwardly for a time and take up extra space on the footpath (in case others are behind me). I like to speed up briefly and zip past, then resume pace. I also do this to avoid accidentally getting spat on, which very nearly happened once when I was running just behind a guy that didn't know I was there (guess I'm a quiet runner, lol). And whether we intend to or not, we do tend to run faster past others. I could easily pinpoint on one of my maps where I ran past a couple of hot guys sitting on a park bench on Quay Street one day - the little line went from yellow to bright green and back again, hahahaha! I think we do it subconsciously. Can't help it ;)

  2. That's awesome to pb in practice! I think it shows great improvement :)
    I think my 5k pb is from a training run off the bike a couple years ago!


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