Sunday, January 20, 2013

Improving, I Think

It might just be that the weather is not as hot and humid as it has been, but I do feel like I am improving lately. Since doing a time trial and establishing some training paces from that, I have been training a bit faster than I had been previously, and these paces feel more natural to me.  Some days I look at what I have planned and think: how am I ever going to run that far at that pace, but I somehow manage, and feel good doing it without being tired afterwards.  Which shows that my training plan is working, and that a lot of obstacles are in my head!

I've adjusted my schedule slightly to fit in with the Tussock Traverse race next Saturday, and this meant dropping another time trial that was planned.  I might run a 5k the week after to establish a new base time instead, as whatever time I run in the Tussock Traverse won't really be reflective - being a trail race and all!  Plus, I really want to slash my 5k PB which is practically my current training pace!

For the Tussock Traverse we have some compulsory gear, most of which we probably won't need because the weather is looking sunny and 27*C according to my resident meteorological expert.  I will definitely be carrying water though, so I've been taking my Camelbak belt with me on my long runs to get used to wearing it.

Excuse the bra straps - I haven't found a racer-back bra that fits yet!

I bought this in a rush the day before Xterra Waihi as it was recommended to carry water for that race, however as it was raining (and I had never even run with it!) I never actually used it.  It is working quite well - it doesn't feel too hot and sweaty, if I wear it at the waist it doesn't jiggle, and I can carry treats and my phone in the front pocket.  The weight of a full water bottle is noticeable on my abdomen when I am starting to tire, but I probably should be doing more planks or something to fix that ;)

It is worth inspecting these things closely as they have all sorts of features - I've just noticed there is a bungee cord around the water bottle case that you could strap a windbreaker to, and the back pocket has a keyring and additional pocket for little things:

The front pocket is where I keep snacks/gels and my phone (ie running camera), and there is a gel bottle that I've never actually used:

So, apart from wear-testing my fuel belt, here's what I've been up to lately (Monday and Friday are rest days):

Tuesday -3k jog, 200/400/800/400/200m fast with recoveries half as long, 3k jog
Wednesday - 6k slow
Thursday - 7k steady up Mt Eden
Saturday - 10 mins slow, 20 mins brisk (6:00), 10 mins slow
Sunday - 10k slow

Tuesday - 2.5k jog, 3x800m fast (5:50), 3 min recoveries, 2.5k jog
Wednesday - 8k slow (6:30-7:00)
Thursday - 7k steady (6:00-6:20)
Saturday - 3k jog, 8x1min hill climbs, jogging back down, 3k jog
Sunday - 12k slow (6:30-7:15)

Tuesday - 2.5k jog, 3x1000m brisk (supposed to be 6:00 but I ran them a lot faster because I couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing...), 4 min recoveries, 2.5k jog
Wednesday - 9k slow
Thursday - 10 k steady
Saturday - 10 mins slow, 15 mins fartlek, 10 mins slow
Sunday - 13k slow

Next week is a slight taper towards the race.  With the kilometres building up I think I'm ready for that!

PS - How do you carry water and stuff for trail runs?
(I think this belt is quite good for medium distance runs, but I'd like to get a hydration backpack when I start running longer distances.)


  1. Hi! I like to carry a small hand-held water bottle with me for runs between about 8 and 14 miles. After that, I wear a Camelback backpack and I love having my hands free. I hate things around me waist. It all depends, though, on what you like; I know lots of people who hate backpacks.

  2. It's great that you are able to hit your pace goals! I usually wear my Nathan fuel belt with four 10 ounce bottles when I need water on a long run. I like your water belt because it has a pocket for your phone and a gel bottle, too.


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