Saturday, January 12, 2013

Next Up - The Tussock Traverse

We're heading down to the Volcanic Plateau in the central North Island in a couple of weeks for another running adventure!  

This time I will be running around this rocky tussocky terrain on another TotalSport event - the Tussock Traverse - the first of my 13 in 2013 trail races:

There won't be any snow at this time of year though - my photos were taken on a winter ski trip!  If you check out the Tussock Traverse link you will find some photos of the awesome scenery in summer. 

I will be running the 13k event which starts at the Chateau Tongariro - at 1200m elevation I expect my sea-level lungs to be huffing and puffing more than usual!  

The volcanic plateau is amazing and is essentially an alpine cluster of volcanoes - Mt Ruapehu which has ski fields, Mt Ngauruhoe which is the photogenic cone you see in my photos, and Mt Tongariro which is the location of the Tongariro Crossing - this one had a small eruption in November last year so I hope it stays quiet!

We will be running up, down and around some of the local tracks, crossing mountain streams, hopping over rocks, past waterfalls, and through native bush - can't wait!  I'll try to remember to stop for a breather take photos for you along the way!

take only photos, leave only footprints...

I'm starting to get excited!
Tell me - what is the next exciting event coming up on your calendar?


  1. Wow, what a fun event! Good luck and have fun :)

  2. WOW! That looks so (cold) beautiful! I am getting ready for my first 5k (The Color Run)
    Have fun!!

  3. That looks so beautiful! I'd love to do more trail races, but there are very few around us here. Best of luck!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oops, deleted comment... Just wanted to say good luck, that run sounds like it will be amazing!!! Have tons of fun! I'll be on a plane to Vancouver, thinking about my own running adventures :-) I'm envious of your trail running, I still haven't managed any trail runs as they don't really fit in with what the rest of the family wants to do on the weekend. Think I have to find a trail running buddy!

    Hm, my own next event? A 5km fun run in Vancouver. Other than that, the Unitec Run Walk series which doesn't start until July. Think I will sign up for the Auckland fun run...

  6. Looks like an amazing event! My plans for the first of 13 trail races was thwarted this weekend :( As soon as I stop pouting about that I'll be excited about the next race on my calendar :)

  7. Looking forward to the race report and photos! My next race is a half marathon in March.


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