Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Hope 2013 Is As Good As This!

I had a such a magic run yesterday!  Up Mt Eden I ran - taking the long road which gradually spirals it's way around the volcano to the top:

Parts of the path were carpeted crimson with fallen pohutukawa flowers:

I used to run up here a lot in the olden days and was expecting it to be a lot harder than it was, but maybe stopping to take some photos along the way helped!

Nearing the top, the 360 degree views always put me on a high - even those final steep steps up to the viewing platform felt like a breeze.

After a quick appreciation of the view, and a moment to snap a group shot for some tourists, I then flew down the soft grassy trails, arms like wings, free like a bird, elated by my effort.

I slowed to hop tentatively over tree roots, trotted rapidly down the stone steps as if they were the molten lava they once were, and cruised home through the city streets faster than normal because today had extra oxygen in the air.

I hope the rest of 2013 is as good as this...


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks so much nicer outside there than it is here. Glad you had a great run.

  2. You make it sound like magic :D I might have to try this Mt Eden run, to see how it works out for me! Glad you enjoyed such an awesome run, best of luck for the rest of 2013.

    1. The road up isn't too bad - and it's a great harbour bridge training run!

  3. I always like to see where people run. What a pretty place to run!


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