Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Running Orokawa Bay

This weekend I ran an awesome track to Orokawa Bay with Steven.  We attended a wedding in the western Bay of Plenty on Saturday, and the next day we couldn't resist a sunrise run along the coast.  We parked at the northern end of Waihi Beach and started running:

After some brisk winding uphill around the coast, we soon found ourselves admiring the views south to Waihi Beach from where we began:

And north to beautiful and untouched Orokawa Bay:

Steven ran to the end while I rested did some gait analysis in the sand: 

I think I have a cross-over gait...

 The track was awesome, although a couple of parts were a bit hairy scary - notice how I am clinging to the right side and not the left?!

But my Roclite 268's stopped me from slipping into the Pacific Ocean.  I can tell we're going to have lots of adventures together in the future!

I was disappointed that SportWatch failed to connect to a satellite though.  Half the fun for me is seeing a new route mapped out with all its elevation and pace changes.  Oh well - first world problem!

Did you explore anywhere new this weekend?
Which do you prefer - sandy beach or rocky cliff top?
Have you been to Orokawa Bay?


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to get out for a run! Glad you didn't fall into the ocean :) I have been never been there, maybe someday.

  2. I've never been to NZ, but I love seeing your photos. These are especially scenic! It would be hard to watch my step and not just stare at the views.

  3. One of the downsides of running trails is that I have to focus on the ground the whole time so I don't trip - I'm the queen of tripping!! This looks beautiful!

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