Saturday, March 22, 2014

I must be a runner because...

Have you ever had one of those days where you are continually reminded of something, where things uncannily pop out of the blue, and it just doesn't want to go away?  Well yesterday I was continually was reminded that I was a runner.

When I woke up I had a message reminding me to pick up my race number for The Dual after work:

But first some shopping was in order.  At the shopping centre we happened to park next to a car with the number plate RUNN3R - can you believe that?  All I knew is that I liked that person.  Unfortunately this running blogger had no camera to capture this significant event!

I was supposed to be shopping for shoes to wear to a wedding, but the only ones that caught my eye were running shoes - sigh, not the best match for my dress.

We proceeded to race registration, where I picked up my number.  I purchased a Marmot tank top which was calling my name, and among the goodies in the race bag was a Total Sport flyer - with my running quote on the back!

Proof they use quotes from real people!

Back home I flicked through an Outdoor Fitness magazine, and tried their quiz on how to find your perfect match sporting-wise:

It was trail running!
But I kinda knew that ;)

And trail running is exactly what I am doing tomorrow  - which may explain why I am so excited and  have running continually on the mind.  In the morning I'll be boarding the ferry out to some islands in the gulf for a half marathon up, down and around them!

Plus it is Friday night and I'm going to bed early - now that is a sure sign of a runner!


  1. How fun to be quoted! Plus, it's a good one!

  2. Now you are famous for your quote!! I think I fit both the trail and the road runner descriptions. Shopping for running shoes is always funner and easier than shopping for other shoes.

  3. Yes, the universe was definitely reminding you that you are a runner through and through! How cool that your quote was featured!


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