Monday, March 17, 2014

Sometimes you can't do it all

There hasn't been much to report lately about my running because I haven't been doing that much.  And what I have been doing felt like real hard work, and disillusioned would be a good word to describe how I felt about that.

I guess the reason is that I have had a lot on lately.  At work I have been superbusy, quite literally working at breakneck pace with long hours - that's the fashion industry for you.  I have also been teaching sewing at night school, as well as making a friend's wedding dress.  I'm not complaining about any of this, but it does zap energy from other sources - and that source is running.  And housework.  And I guess, because of my absence here, that includes blog writing too.

The worst part was missing one of my favourite races of the year, the Coastal Challenge.  I really wanted to do the 11km and beat my time from last year.  Now that made me cranky!

The fact is, sometimes life gets in the way of running.  Sometimes running comes further down the list of things to do.  Sometimes as much as you want to, you can't do it all.

But you can still do a lot!  The Dual is this weekend and I'm all signed up and getting excited about another adventure.  The 21km event (there are other distances too) runs up, down and around Motutapu and Rangitoto Islands out in the Gulf.  Just to give you an idea, here's Rangitoto, Motutapu lies just behind:

As long as I don't miss my ferry it should be fun!  In my current state I guess I'll be taking it easy (except on my beloved downhills :) but it will be good to establish a base time to beat next year.

Happy running!

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  1. Life, huh? Sometimes it just doesn't go quite how you want it to. You've been busy doing amazing stuff though - how many people get to say they made their friend's wedding dress?!? That's awesome :) I'm a little jealous you're getting to run the Dual - I had to skip it (which turned out to be a good thing, otherwise it would've clashed with the Coatesville Classic). Enjoy your race, I look forward to hearing all about it!! Good luck :)


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