Friday, May 23, 2014

Wanted: A New ITB

My knee has been niggling away for a while - managable, but there.  After my recent 5km race and a speedwork session 3 days later it all flared up, and I could feel tightness from my hip to my knee.  Boo hoo.

I have been visiting Dot and Wendy at Bodyneed, and they have prescribed me some exercises and foam rolling to do.  The problem is that my patella is being pulled laterally by a tight ITB and weak vastus medialis.  Also - apparently I have only been doing half clams so my glute medius is weak in the outer range of extension.  After 3 weeks things are improving a lot.  I've been for a few interval type runs and things feel a lot more stable.

My new-ish Mizuno Wave Rider's which only have around 250km on them are wearing poorly on the R forefoot, and my physio thinks this could be a catalyst.  Maybe they are a dud pair, as the R one bends sharply in the forefoot almost like it is cracked.

My old Mizuno's (same model with 500kms on them) are in much better nick so I'm currently running in them.

In the meantime I've been for a few family tramps out west.  On the most recent one we parked at the end of Log Race Road and headed down towards Karekare.

We headed south on the Mercer Loop Walk and Coman's Track to Karekare, then north again on Ahu Ahu Track.

The coastal tracks have some spectacular scenery and are now part of the Hillary Trail - definitely worth a visit!

Mercer Bay

The trouble is, that once you have run a few trails it becomes impossible to just walk them - my legs were itching to turnover faster!  Luckily the rest of my family were happy to jog along whenever we felt like it.  Buying your son new trail shoes certainly helps!  Although I did aggravate my knee a bit on those hills and had to ice it when I got home.

Te Ahua Point and the Tasman Sea

I was hoping things would be right enough to run Riverhead Xterra, but not to be.  I'm gutted, but in this for the long haul - and that means recovering properly, and hopefully running freely like a gazelle again soon!


  1. Hope your ITB gets better soon, injuries are no fun!

  2. Sorry to hear about your ITB! I just came across this video on how to roll it more effectively.
    It's painful - but effective! Hope it helps!

  3. Gorgeous views! Interesting about the Wave Riders! I didn't have problems with mine and I'm sorry to hear yours have worn out quickly.

    1. They are a great shoe, but I guess among the millions they make there are always going to be one or two that are not quite right!

  4. I will gladly let you borrow my ITB if we can switch places for a few months. Those photos are beautiful.

  5. Shelley at Bodyneed did something amazing to my ITB just two days before the a Rotorua Half - I just need to do my exercises more to prevent it happening as much as I can. The Bodyneed team are great :)

  6. ohh man what a gorgeous place to run or hike! I am so diligent about doing ITB and stretches every single day because ohhhhh I never want to feel like I did when mine went sooo horribly bad! luckily I"ve now kept it at bay for like 7 years, a little flare here and there, but nothing major


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