Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm Running Round The Bays!

This week I stopped procrastinating and finally entered Auckland's Round The Bays!  This iconic run was on my list of goals for the year but I sort of went off the idea after remembering the crowded start and being confined to walking the first few hundred metres until the field spread out!  Once I got over the fact that my race time will be a joke I signed up and went downtown to pick up my race number this morning - yay!

It is great to see the Auckland Jogger's Club still runs the event too - this club was founded by Arthur Lydiard and friends in 1962 with the aim of encouraging everyday people to jog for health, and helped start the jogging revolution - especially once Bill Bowerman took the idea back to USA!  The club welcomes  people of all abilities from walkers to marathoners, sounds friendly, and I'd consider joining if I lived near Cornwall Park!  They started Round the Bays in 1972 with over 1000 runners and that number escalated over the years to become one of the largest running events in the country.  I admire the story and motive behind the event, and it is one of the major deciding factors for me to enter - anything that encourages people to start running is great!

So it's official - come 9:30 tomorrow morning I will be one of the 70,000 participants running the 8.4km from Downtown to St Heliers - it should be lots of fun as the course is incredibly scenic and the weather this weekend is magic!


  1. How Fun! Good luck. Can't wait for an update.

  2. That is a lot of people all running! Have fun and good luck.


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