Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marathon afterthoughts, three months later...

I logged on to write a new post, and found this one already written that just needed a spot of proofreading - so here go my marathon afterthoughts - three months later!
  • Being someone who tends to give up a little too easily when it comes to running hard, I'm kind of surprised but proud of my stickability towards the end of this race.  I have never run this far before so this was an unknown, especially on my own once I left the 5 hour pacers.  I dug in, actually recalled some mantras for once, and concentrated on a steady pace.  (I did stop for a few steps but my toe sent a shooting pain into my foot as punishment and that made me leap in the air and start running again!) I ran the final 5k a full minute faster per kilometre than the rest of the race.

  • I need to prevent the issue with my toe happening again.  I think my sock or shoe was tight, even though I have already gone up half a size in those already.  Options are - a wider shoe allowing my toes to splay out more, or altering my orthotics which do fill up the toe space a bit, or chopping off said toe once and for all.
  • I don't know who engineered the road around Lake Rotorua, but my guess is they were a closet marathoner because it measures almost exactly 42km. How could they not host a marathon in this city?

  • I love the YMCA Marathon Club!  They had a recovery room at the finish in the Events Centre with food, drink, massages and other members to celebrate with.  I always classed myself as a solo runner and in many ways I still am, but being part of a club meant being exposed to such wonderful team support, and it has really enriched my running life. Go the Y!
  • I felt tired but good afterwards. I spent the afternoon lying on the bed watching TV in compression socks, then went out for dinner and a couple of glasses of celebratory bubbly. By Monday my quads had slight DOMS, but by Wednesday I was probably ready to run again.  I didn't though, leaving it for 10 days until an easy 5k round the block.  Next time I might ease back into things a bit earlier.
  • And yes there will be a next time - I can't wait to do another marathon!  Auckland 2015 here I come!
  • I want to run the Auckland Marathon faster.  This first marathon I aimed to finish, the second I will aim to beat that time. I'm not sure what is realistic - 10 mins faster maybe? 
  • Some runners are really irritating!  I started off running next to a girl wearing a drawstring bag over her shoulders like a backpack (???) and it jiggled around making this annoying rustling noise.  To make it worse, after a few km she started run/walking like a yo-yo but chose me as her pacesetter and I could not shake her until the 10km hill. What a relief.
  • And then there was the runner who scuffed his shoes with every step... although perhaps I should thank him because it helped me run a bit faster at the end... to get away from him!
  • When you run a marathon, there are a lot of people that help you get there, and these people deserve a special mention:
    • My family, who put up with a messy house, takeaway dinners and a wife/mother who wants to sleep all the time.
    • The team at Bodyneed in Ponsonby - it is here I went for Physiotherapy on my ITB and hamstring and Wendy did an awesome job, and I am positive my regular Pilates there keeps me functioning symmetrically (or should I say less assymetrically!)
    • Sportslab Podiatry - I saw Aaron earlier in the year and he fixed my foot!
    • The YMCA Marathon Club - the cameraderie, support, and team spirit is so motivating.  They make long runs seem easy.
    • My blogger/insta friends!  Reading your stories and seeing your photos is always inspiring, motivating, and keeps the flame alive when it starts to flicker. Keep it up!
  • I've been a bit slack on my own blog lately.  I hope to make more time to keep it up around here as well!

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